Pre-Weekend Musings

There is something truly spectacular about the night before the actual weekend strikes. It’s almost more fun than the weekend itself. Why, you ask? Well, it’s the anticipation, of course! When you know you’re going abroad, for instance, the few days before the trip are so exciting and fun, because you know what is in store. The night before you fly, you get butterflies and happy feelings in anticipation of your vacation.

Thus, the night before the weekend. The fact that you know you have two full days of rest, relaxation and fun ahead is just simply wonderful. Even if you know you have things to do over the weekend, they’re usually things that you choose to do, and so they’re very different than the week of work or school you’ve just had.

In the words of the much wiser, or at least the much cuter, the sentiment I’m going for is this:


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