A Complaint Of The Spoiled

I have too many books to read. Ridiculous, I know. Not too many in the sense that I won’t have time and that I need to read a certain amount of books and meet a deadline. No, no, it’s much worse than that in the stupidity scale of complaints. No, I have too many books to read, literally, and I want to read them all right now, this second, and I can’t.

Why can’t I? Why, indeed. Mostly because I’m a nostalgic idiot and I promised myself I’d reread a trilogy of books I read years ago. Just because I felt like it. As I am strange, I am actually honering that vow to myself and so I’m now in the second book of the trilogy. Each book, I might add, is at least seven-hundred pages long. This is part of why I adore these books – they’re long, drawn out sagas that make me marvel at how the authoress invented such political and dramatic tangles.

But now I have a shelf-full of books that I bought in London, just waiting for me to pick them up and crack the cover for the first time. I can just feel the heat of their glares, the way they’re clamoring for attention in their silent way. Should I read Wicked first, or perhaps the light and fun Stephanie Meyer novel?

Oh, woe is me. What a hard life I do lead.


One thought on “A Complaint Of The Spoiled

  1. I have the same problem!! I have taken to putting the pile of “to read” books hidden from sight – so I can only pick up the one I am currently reading and finish it – then I will put my hand in the draw and pick out the next book with my eyes closed… and whatever comes out will be read next!

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