My mother writes for a living. She does all sorts of writing, but her main employers are a workbook company. The past few days, we’ve both been spending our days writing in our separate rooms – she, her workbooks, and I, my college application essays. It seems that while I might have inherited at least some of her incredible writing skills, I have also inherited a number of other qualities.

For one, when I’m stuck while working or studying, I’m well and truly stuck. No amount of effort or thought will help and I will only get more and more frustrated as I cannot think what to write or how to study. My mother tells me she gets this way as well.

Second, and rather recently, I have become an extreme coffee junkie. My mother cannot start the morning without two cups of coffee in her system. While I haven’t reached such an extreme quite yet, I can feel this trait growing in me, slowly and steadily. I already drink at least three cups of coffee a day, and sometimes more.

Third, and this is one I consider as a true bug, I seem to be more inspired late at night. This doesn’t mean that the products of writing at one and two in the morning are particularly good, but those are the times when I manage to write most easily, letting the thoughts flow out of me. This means most of my days are spent in a haze of tiredness due to lack of sleep.

Genes – a blessing and a curse!


4 thoughts on “Genes…

  1. This happens to me as well. I find that I have my best idea’s at night too and I have started keeping note pads in almost all our rooms and I jot down the basics of what I’m thinking and then work on it in the morning. I find when I try to hard to write, nothing at all comes to me so keeping notes really helps me.

    I need at least one cup of coffee in the morning before I can even speak anything. I don’t think it’s that much of a bad habit. I love the warmth and comfort from it.

  2. slightlyignorant says:

    Nah, it’s not really such a bad habit, it’s just a bit of an addiction.
    Yeah! I’ve started carrying a notebook around with me too, it really is extremely helpful!

  3. Mae Linat says:

    :>) Oh yes! Coffee addiction, I know what you mean… I won’t even tell here, how many cups I have per day… It seems I have coffee and cigarettes constantly grafted to the keyboard…

    It may be nice to share that skill with your mother. As for me, noone wrote in my family, but I hope my offspring will! It is so good to write.

    Thank you.

  4. I remind every one who knows my mom of her… I look like her, talk like her, gesture like her… just about think like her… When I was younger I HATED it!! But now, as I grow older, I realise what an amazing person my mom is… and I think it is a compliment when people tell me I remind them of her… 🙂

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