It is immensely satisfying to have a long, hard, stressful day and to come home at night and know that it’s almost done, and you’re still okay. There’s something so comforting about the knowledge that you can live with routine, really get into it and be fine, despite the fact that it’s difficult. It really makes you proud of yourself to know that you can look at the things you still have left to do in a day and be able to organize them rationally and logically without freaking out or hyperventilating.

I rarely experience this feeling, being the bundle of nerves, hormones and moods that I usually am. I normally cannot really shake off the annoyance or the bad mood that clings to me. But once in a while, there is this feeling of peace that settles over me despite knowing that the day is not quite done yet, that I still have things left untended to. Knowing that I still have yet more to do tomorrow and not freaking out about it is a rare things as well.

God, being a teenager is weird – it’ll be pretty sweet to be able to say one day that being in a good mood is the norm and that bad moods are rare and not quite as spur of the moment as they are today.


5 thoughts on “Hmm.

  1. I’m old, and I still feel like that sometimes.

    Although I know for sure that you will find a way to make good moods the norm.

    There is that moment in Say Anything with John and Joan Cusack:

    “How hard is it to get in a good mood?”

    “Gee, it’s EASY.”

    (knowing enlightened grins)

    Sounds to me like you are more than halfway there.


    p.s. You somehow hit that June Moon on the head!

  2. I hate to break it to you but we all have those “moods” from time to time. Maybe they are worse as teens but still….they do come. Maybe we can just handle them a little better as we age? Ya think?

  3. I do know that moods won’t disappear as I get older, not if I’m a moody person. They’re just way more paralyzing and random when they’re brought on by hormone surges in the brain instead of actual events – I think anyway ^_^”.

  4. Grin. I get sooo bored with routine! Work can be routine, that’s nice… but to do the same thing day in and day out… all the time… I guess its a good thing that my man works shifts… stops me from having any sort of “normal” routine! grin.

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