A Bit Batty

In front of my apartment building, there is a small lawn, and then some hedges and then the sidewalk. On the lawn, there is a rather large palm tree with a thick trunk and large, swaying branches. The tree is very fertile and well-taken care of and so it is always heavy with the small, light-brown fruit that certain palm-trees seem to bear.

As I arrived home from work the other night, I saw the most beautiful thing, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since then. There are always bats around that tree – they like the fruit on palm trees I believe, or at least this type of bat must do. But that night, as I came home from work later than usual, there were a huge group of bats flying around it. There must have been at least thirty or forty of the beautiful, winged beasts, and they were going absolutely crazy, flying up and down and around the tree, weaving through and around each other, always pulling up in time.

They came so close to me that I could see the light through their wings – I could even see the fur that is spread sparsely on their bodies. I could see the tiny claw at the end of each of their wings. I stood and watched them for at least five minutes, my head just swiveling around and around, following their dizzying movements. Ah, but they are marvelous animals!


4 thoughts on “A Bit Batty

  1. A lot of people freak out over bats but I have a fascination with them too. We have quite a few in the summer but they hibernate. Ours eat bugs and I love watching them under our yard light eating. They are pretty cool.

    That’s not to say I want them in my house though.

  2. yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!!! We have a fruit tree in our garden, and the bats fly around there often! And boy do they freak me out!! oh my hat! they really do… I think its from when I was younger, and they were, well, it felt like they were, attacking me! You know, swooping down at me and me turning at the last second. Man they freaked me out! Scary stuff! And you just stood there? Brave I tell you. Brave!

  3. @Joy – Well, I don’t know if I’d want them IN my house. Then again, if there were any un-cruel way to have a bat as a pet, I might consider it.

    @GB&U2 – 🙂

    @Bojinx – Aw, you don’t like them, I gather? I just really see them as mice with wings.

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