Leaning out of the window, bringing in the laundry, hands touching the cold clothing hanging in the cold air, I catch a scent. Just a whif at first, and then the smell fills my nostrils, and I breath it deeply, tears gathering in my eyes. It’s the smell of latkes, this sort of potato-patty thing – it’s a traditional thing to cook during the Jewish holiday, Hannukah, which is ending tonight. Why is it that the enticing smell of fried potatos makes my eyes water? My father used to make them every holiday time, and when I was smaller and ate an even smaller variety of foods than I eat today, I hated the smell. Today though, it makes me hungry to smell it and cry to think that my father won’t ever make it again and I’ll never get to show him that I might like his cooking for once.

It’s incredible how smell triggers the memory, isn’t it? The smallest of scents blown into your nostrils from a tiny breath of wind can remind you vividly of a sumemr’s day when you got your first kiss, of a night of partying with friends, of a person you haven’t seen for a long time or of a place you miss and long to be in. It’s amazing, in my mind, how smells can bring up memories long forgotten or ignored.

Sniff away, then, I say – you may discover some feeling or time you hardly remember.


4 thoughts on “Sniff

  1. I’ve often heard that smell is the closest sense linked to memory. I have this happen to me all the time. I did a post on it a while back. I think before you came to my blog. I’m so sorry about your dad. I’m glad you can remember him though from this smell.

  2. avomnia says:

    I’m curious: ARe ‘Rosy’ and ‘Sniff’ connected? The undercurrent between the two is about as subtle as a neon sign.

    As for Sniff, I have always been amazed at how not only sense of smell can take us somewhere, but even taste. For instance, licking chocolate chip cookie dough off the beaters–now that’s tasty and brings back memories of cleaning the mixing bowl with my finger.

    The brain is an amazing organ. The moment I fully understand how it works I will be dead. Until such time, I shall remain in absolute wonder of it.

    And, Miss Slightly, thank you so very much for your kind support of my companion site. I’m pretty certain I can arrange to get a copy of the book to you when it’s ready. You shouldn’t have to stand in line, not after how responsive you’ve been to my blog ;^)

    America awaits your return!

  3. Actually, no, they’re not connected – not intentionally in any case. Rosy [III] is just the third part of the Rosy Thoughts story I’ve been posting.
    I agree, taste is another of those incredible senses that can surprise you [Oh yum, now I want chocolate chip cookies though…]
    Oh, no! I won’t accept a free copy! I want to buy it, fair and square, right off the bookshelf, that’s part of the point! Being able to truly pick up a J. W. book off the shelf, taking it to the register, and buying it, thus adding one more number to your sales ^_^.

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