Vampires and Werewolves

There is a fascination that people seem to have with creatures of the night. Look at the amount of novels, movies and TV shows dedicated to vampires and werewolves – the latest Twilight craze being only the most recent and romanticized version of these creatures.

I’ve never been one to really believe in things like this – monsters, ghosts, things that go bump in the night. I’d love it if they could be real, only because having creatures like that around seems to make life very much more interesting, but I’ve always been a “prove it” sort of person. Such is my attitude towards religion as well, but that’s for another post, sometime in the future when I have the nerves for it.

Back to the adoration, or at least fixation, that so many of us seem to have with vampires and werewolves – I wonder where it stems from? Yes, things of danger are always interesting, especially when you’re snug in your bed reading or in a padded chair at a movie theater. But then monsters and hags and ghouls should be dealt with just as often – and yet they’re not. We seem to love the idea of a tortured soul, someone who is human some of the time or still resembles a human in day to day life. Something about the moral questions that arise from a lifestyle that involved killing and maiming seems to be intriguing, something we’d like to delve into – as long as it’s not our own problems of course.

Ah, the musings that surface after watching “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” at midnight…


6 thoughts on “Vampires and Werewolves

  1. You know, I’m very fascinated by a lot of things. The Bermuda Triangle, Lighthouses, Water, The Titanic but I can honestly say that this kind of thing holds absolutely no interest for me. I don’t get all the hullabaloo over it.

  2. Ah, Joy, see – you’re what we call in Hebrew “Tzadika Be’Sdom.” It’s a phrase from the bible and it absolutely fits here. It means you’re the one sane, righteous person in a whole city – you’re one of the only people who don’t get the whole fascination with these creatures. I have the fascination, but I also know how utterly silly and weird it is ^_^.

  3. Well it seems we always need a “bad guy.” There always has to be a “dark” to our “light.” If the evil out there isn’t a fanged man in a cape, or a guy with wolf like tendencies, then that means the only evil left, is us. And that’s sometimes too much to deal with.

  4. That’s very wise, and I agree that this is probably part of the reason for the obsession we have with this… The odd thing is we keep trying to put even that “evil” in the guise of “tortured,” thus romanticizing our own shortcomings.

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