Paranoid Much?

I haven’t written about my clients before – both because they’re not always very interesting and because I’m not technically supposed to. I work for a credit card company, so I get to talk to just about every sort of person you could imagine: Smart, dumb, confused, annoyed, happy, thankful, nice, sweet, appreciative, secretive, and a hundred other moods and traits. It’s interesting to hear the different people and the different voices, and it’s interesting to see how differently people act with their money.

Today, however, I actually have an interesting story about a client, a specific one. The call started out nice and polite – he wanted to know his credit limit and what money will be coming out of his bank account. He was very sweet, talking to me a bit about where our company is in the country and making sure we were away from any danger [Israel is in a “situation” right now.] Then, somehow, slowly but surely, he started telling me about problems he had with banks in the past.

I thought, at first, that he was just a rambler – there are some people like that, who are lonely or bored and take the opportunity to get some conversation into their day when they call us. Soon, though, he started telling me, in a calm voice, about how his phones are tapped, how he’s followed everywhere, how his mail is examined and stopped, how he’s been cheated in place after place.

Eventually, he made me understand that the sole reason for his telling me all this was because he knows our calls are monitered and recorded for future reference if needed, and he told me he planned to use the calls he makes to us in court – to prove… something or other. I really have no idea. It was rather creepy though – the man sounded so sane and on top of things, and then I felt, as the call progressed, that there was something seriously wrong here.

But who knows, right? Maybe in six months there will be a big story in the paper about this man. You never know I suppose.


6 thoughts on “Paranoid Much?

  1. Your title was appropriate. Don’t you feel sorry for someone like that? To think someone would be after you like that?? I know there are a lot of people like that though. Poor guy.

  2. I would be extremly scared in your situation. Hearing someone sound so sane and normal – yet here the slight hysteria and paranoia in their voice would completly freak me out. I’d worry about that person for the rest of my life and wonder if something terrible happened to them

  3. @Joy – I do… Especially as at the end of the call he told me something heartbreaking – that his daughter, the most important thing to him in the world, isn’t speaking to him because he cut off financial support because he thought that at age thirty she should be able to support herself… He really was very nice, just sad…

    @Alex – The thing is, he sounded 100% sane. There was absolutely NO hysteria and paranoia in his voice, he sounded so calculated and serious, as if the situation of being followed and stalked was inevitable and that he’s come to terms with it. I’m definitely going to remember him though…

  4. Happy New Year to you too šŸ˜€
    I’ve posted some more pictures now so maybe you can miss some of them places aswell. Yeah I miss green spaces so I’m making the most of the little windowsill by growing a garden. I’m sure its why I keep finding ladybugs flying around in my room now…

  5. avomnia says:

    Maybe it was a test. Maybe ‘they’ needed to see if you would crack under psychological pressure. Although, what bothers me most is why someone so clearly paranoid would call and openly discuss his/her finances if you’re absoutely certain your phone is bugged and conversations are recorded.
    There but for the grace of God . . .
    Happy New Year to ya :^)

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