Exhaustion… Taken Over… Brain…

There are those wonderful times when you’re truly too tired to think. Your brain is full of this low, not unpleasant, fuzzy sound. For some reason, as I think of this sound now – it’s creeping up on me even as I write – I imagine that it is the snores of the little mouse that runs all day on it’s little wheel to keep our brains going. Or perhaps it is a hamster. No, mice are cuter than hamsters.

The feeling of being this exhausted, both mentally and physically, is wonderful in my opinion. This feeling holds memories for me, all of them precious: the long drive home from Disneyland that year when there was so much traffic on the way home that I fell asleep and slept through the three hour ride and was carried into my grandparents’ house awake, but pretending to still be asleep because it was so much more comfortable; the memory of every horrid migraine I’ve had and the way I’ve fallen into an exhausted, relieved sleep at the end of the long period of sleeplessness due to the pain; the memories of falling into an exhausted sleep after a particularly enjoyable, but quite long, school trip.

As I’ve confessed, my brain is approaching levels of chronic fuzzyness at the moment, and so I shall have to postpone the writing exercises that I was planning on beginning tonight. Procrastination – it is indeed a devilish instinct, is it not?


6 thoughts on “Exhaustion… Taken Over… Brain…

  1. Ram Venkatararam says:

    WAKE UP! Jesus, woman, I’m driving a car while I read this and your damn near killing me…all this hypnotic…sleep…so tired…must sleep…it’s………………ddfffffffffffD

  2. I love those moments of falling into bed emotionally and physically tired. The two of them hand in hand is wonderful.

    Mice are cuter than hamsters??? Are you crazy woman??? I have NEVER seen a cute mouse. Hamsters aren’t cute either now that I come to think about it. I just can’t fathom rodents!!!!

  3. @Ram – Reading while driving? Tsk, tsk, that won’t do, what if the police see you fiddling with your computer/phone?

    @Joy – Ok, hamsters are pretty weird looking, but mice are adorable, how can you say they’re not? The twitchy little noses, and they’re so TINY. I love rats as well – ok, ok, I’m weird, I know…

  4. I have the stray mouse in my house and I don’t find them the least bit cute. I scream and hop on a chair and yell at the cats. Then I yell at my husband who is laughing because “I look funny on the chair like that!”

  5. Have yo unever seen Pinky and the Brain? Rats are fiendishly clever. Well, half of them are. Problem is, they’re basically inept. All the more reason to love Bugs Bunny!

  6. RaiulBaztepo says:

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