History Being Made

My brother claims to vaguely remember sitting on the floor of the living room when he was very small and watching the Berlin Wall falling down on television. My parents obviously had the TV on that whole day in 1989, and as my brother was three years old, there’s every chance that he really remembers this historic event, however vaguely.

Tonight I had the pleasure to watch history being made as I watched President Obama, the first African American president of the United States and a man in whom I have more belief than in any other president I’ve witnessed in my short life, being inaugurated. As a cynic and often a pessimist, I know that things will not necessarily change for the better immediately, that Obama isn’t the sole ruler and that much depends on the Congress’s decisions – and yet I cannot help but be uplifted this evening, as I take in the fact that the “reign of Bush” has ended. A man who speaks in complete sentences is now in the Oval Office, and I am glad.

I don’t want to start any political arguments with this post. Mostly, I just want to point out how glad I am that I was able to watch and witness this great event – I know I will remember the swearing in of this 44th president always: sitting in the living room with my mother and my boyfriend, sighing at the wonderful speech Barack H. Obama gave, and feeling a ray of hope and sunshine filter through the television from that cold Washington D.C. morning.


6 thoughts on “History Being Made

  1. I wish I felt happy and hopeful. I haven’t turned on my tv once today. I am sick to death of politics and have no interest whatsoever in this. To me, it should be just like any inauguration before him and after him. He is nothing special to me. I’m sorry but it’s just the way I feel.

  2. @Joy – I know how you feel, and I don’t begrudge you for one second. I think the reason I feel this way is partly because of how removed I am from American politics usually. Knowing that I’m going to be living in the US soon and knowing this big change is happening just a few months before that happens – well, I guess it instilled some sort of interest in me. I don’t care one whit for Israeli politicians, and if you think American politicians are bad, then you will be utterly bowled over by the sleaziness of the Israeli ones. For example, one of our current candidates for Prime Minister is actually SMIRKING in his campaign photo – he’s not even TRYING to hide his ickyness!

    @GB&U – Haha, my brother has a good memory I guess! I remember things from when I was 3 as well, so it’s possible.

    @Bojinx – Perhaps it was me being filled with the spirit of the patriot that so rarely graces me with its presence? I don’t know what was different, but perhaps it was just that this subject makes me passionate on occasion ^_^.

  3. Many are the days we slip through when seemingly minor events actually beomce the catalyst for a major event in the future. How regretful it is that we can’t grasp onto moments like them and nurture them for the whispers of mortal winds they are.
    I have often wondered what it was like to have witnessed George Washington being sworn to the oath of office, or even declining to serve a third term despite his popularity.
    Or to have heard Lincoln give his short speech at Gettysburg–very few in attendance took the speech seriously, and yet it has echoed through our American history. Lots of people were very uncertain of Lincoln’s efficacy at the time, but he stands out as a shining example of what God can do in the hearts of good men.
    I did not vote for either presidential candidate: I felt McCain would have been more of the politics as usual and Obama’s socialistic tendencies scare me to death. And yet, as Emily has stated, I can’t help–nor deny–the feeling that there might be the most gossamer sheen of hope for the first time in a long time.
    I’ve seen a revived hope and energy in Americans. Maybe we’re so sick of all the crap we’re desperate for his platform of “change.” But I’m a man of inner Faith (not religion, but Faith), and the patriot within resides not so far from the surface, and is straining, wanting to absorb every moment of this point in our American history, because maybe . . . just maybe . . . there’s some substance this time.

  4. I understand what so many are celebrating for it was the same within SA when Mandela was made president after all that trauma though America is different with its history… for some it is more a sign of equality than anything else.

    Between you and me I just see Obama as a man with intelligence – but then you know me I am colour blind

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