Joys of the Job

There are times in your life,
When you reflect on your job,
And you check if you like it,
If you grin or you sob.

For although all work pays,
And of course pay it must,
There are always those days,
Where you’d like just to just –

Just to say “screw you, work!”
And to walk out and quit,
With a flurry of spirit
And complete lack of wit.

But even when it’s nice,
When you can stand it and grin,
There are always those dunces
Who must make a din.

For I’m innocently working,
Reassuring the upset,
I’m being so dilligant!
But what do I get?

Music blares out,
And I yell “Turn it off!”
But the answer, of course,
Was a smirk and a scoff.

“I can’t hear the clients!”
I angrily point out,
But my Israeli coworkers,
Hardly notice my pout.

For who cares of the work,
When there’s horrid music to be played?
And who cares if the clients
Are then a bit delayed?

I suppose this must mean
That my job is okay,
For I actually care
About the clients each day.


9 thoughts on “Joys of the Job

  1. Hey,

    I loved your little poetic rhyme. Just reading it has made me smile and giggle. I think your right on every point aswell – work, you can love it and you can hate it. I know it made be weird but I go to work and fight with everyone to have a project to work on and manage because although it stresses me out at times and puts me in a position of fear I know I am making a difference, my skills might be underpaid and the hours sometimes sucky but overall I am happy. Tomorrow will be interesting as I have decided to take some grass I am growing – in a jar. Into work – that means public transport on a train with a jar basically of dirt with grass shooting from the top of it. Wish me luck with the rush hour

  2. chloé says:

    i followed alex’s (crystalgeek) link here to your blog 🙂
    i can relate to this post! as the economoic ‘crisis’ settles in & work is a little slower than this time last year; i flound myself thinking is it time for me to change(?)
    but then, i stopped myself because i too think of the clients, the friends i’ve made via the phone & of course my work friends
    reading your poem made me realise more that i do in fact love my job 🙂
    thankyou x

  3. Our economy’s slippin’
    And jobless claims rise
    To have work in this climate
    Is a blessing sans disguise

    Sure we all deal with non-thinkers, morons, and jerks
    But compared to no paycheck I consider them perks
    Many a time have I dreamt of being bold
    Of unleashing ‘the bird’ and unburdening my soul

    “To deal with such brazen stupidity, inefficiency, and greed.
    it’s no f’n wonder how often I’m peeved!”
    I’d bark with rapt glee such exclamations of passion
    Go on for a while and rant for a fashion
    Unleash all pent up anger, all the bitter and hurt
    Quite frankly as a poor rationalization to be pompous and curt

    But then I think of how fortunate I am
    My mind stops mid-commotion
    How foolish it would be to lay waste to it
    For a childish explosion
    Toss sense and pay aside, suffer fiscal erosion

    I can’t say I love my job
    Don’t think me ungrateful
    It’s truly rarely boring
    For the challenge I’m thankful

    So I do as I’ve been trained
    And being mindful of the hour
    Look forward to coming home
    Where things are most always sweet and rarely sour.

  4. I really enjoyed this. I could see you sitting there… (or should I say me) and really feel the frustration… and the smiles… This was really gorgeous.

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