Fatigue and Mental Health Days

Even people who love their jobs totally and unreservedly must have days where they’re weary to the bone and need to rest. It might come on by a soar throat and an aching head, it might come on by a long period of time without a proper vacation, or it may come out of nowhere or out of some irrational, emotional state.

Whatever it may be, sometimes you just need to take a day off. A day during which you let yourself sleep late, let yourself forget about the cares and worries of responsibility, let yourself be completely idle and enjoy every minute of it.

Well, you SHOULD be able to let yourself do all that. I, for some odd reason, have a fixation over this issue. I feel like if I’m not actually sick, fever and all, then it’s wrong for me to take a day off. I did take a day off today, and I did come home early from work yesterday, and I did have a soar throat and a tiny bit of a fever last night – and yet, I wasn’t truly ill, and I spent half the day feeling guilty about not having gone to work.

Uh-oh. I feel a workaholic in the making. Better nip this urge in the bud before it’s too late!


2 thoughts on “Fatigue and Mental Health Days

  1. You know, I never took days off either unless I planned them. I’m not sure why. I do think it’s a work ethic that maybe we learn. I’m just not sure. The job I had, if I needed or wanted a day off, I had to find a sub so there were many times it was just easier to go to work. I don’t however think you should feel guilty about it if you truly deserve it. We all know people who miss work all the time for the dumbest reasons and that’s no way to be either.

  2. Sometimes… when you start out feeling crappy, all you need is one day… but if you try and be the hero and go to work when you start feeling yuk, then you just get worse and have to end up taking 3 or 4 days off… so if you think about it, you’ve saved everyone else from a.) getting sick and b.) the extra hours you’d have to take off!

    I know that when I start getting a chest infection, the only thing that helps is rest. If its over a weekend, that’s great, but if its during the week – and I can’t breathe properly, I take a day, and the next day I wake up feeling much better and much less sorry for myself! 🙂

    So… don’t feel guilty (only if you find yourself frequently doing it do you have to question your motives…). At least you know that when you do go back to work you will be far more productive!

    Hope you are feeling better girl!!!

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