A Moment’s Pause

This week has been hectic, which is my only excuse for not updating as regularly as I usually do. Let’s go over some odd things of this week:

-I got accepted to Hofstra University [not my first choice of college, but it’s good to know I got in somewhere!]

-We had a very odd house-guest around for half the week [and old friend of my parents’ who hasn’t been a real friend to them for many years, and yet the courtasy of having him stay with us is still there.]

-I went to a concert [very loud and very enjoyable.]

-I had to make large college envelopes again [because I needed to send yet MORE scores and data about me to the colleges.]

Ok, so maybe there hasn’t been all that much going on. But still, it was one of those weeks where things feel strange and hurried and you never have enough time for anything. Tonight there shall be a normal post again, or so I hope.


4 thoughts on “A Moment’s Pause

  1. I remember when I got accepted to college–it was simultaneously scary and exciting. My best advice: Thoroughly enjoy these years. You’ll miss certain things, I assure you, but you’ll also find new things that you’ll love.

    And for Heaven sakes, don’t stop writing :^)

  2. I’ve also had a week like this so I do understand. I haven’t been able to be around on the blogs as much as normal. Isn’t it funny how “real life” dares to interrupts our blogging?? LOL!!! We are on the tail end of remodeling our bathroom and laundry room and I HAD to organize as I had a houseful of people yesterday. It had to get done so I had to walk away….for a few days. I’m sorry too.

    Great about the University. Excuse my ignorance but where is that school?

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