Once Again With the Kids’ Books…

I know I’ve written about this before, but I cannot help delving into the subject again. What is it about children’s books that holds such a spell over me? I know that my memories of my books when I was a pre-teen are fond ones, and I know that the books I read over and over again as a child probably are what made me become such an avid reader in later life.

The reason I’m marveling at this again is because I just finished reading a story, a pre-teen story – I’ve joined a writing workshop where you critique other writers’ stories and in turn you eventually get to send in your own work and have it critiqued as well. I’m not brave enough to send anything of my own in yet, but I’ve been reading other writers’ works and enjoying it. So, as I said, I just finished reading a chapter book for children, probably for the ages of 8-11 or so.

The short book had me completely spell-bound. I felt like a kid again, giggling at talking cats and adoring the adventure and fantasy aspects of it. I felt warm and safe in the hold of a story that I could imagine having pictures accompanying it.

Nostalgia is something that overcomes me WAY too often.


3 thoughts on “Once Again With the Kids’ Books…

  1. I often get bursts of Nostalgia at the strangest moments – Especially when I remember “The Magic Faraway Tree” and then I suddenly don’t like the book when I do read it. Its horrible to lose that innocent memory you have of something

  2. Nostalgia is great. It’s fun to go back in time and it’s awesome if what your going back to remember is something you really enjoyed.

    Why in the world are you afraid, nervous or whatever, to turn in one of your stories? I love them. You have nothing to be scared of. Your terrific. Come on, be brave.

  3. ranmon says:

    For me it’s the yearn for simpler times when life wasn’t so complicated. Thus, reading these books were far enough from reality…I had enough time back then to worry whether or not if love and adventure existed.

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