Oftentimes it feels as if that space between one’s ears, that space that isn’t very large and shouldn’t be able to hold so much information – that space sometimes feels overfull. Thoughts crowd it, vying for position as the foremost amongst them. Feelings, which ultimately are all just caused by strange surges of electricity or chemicals, feelings also seem to crowd their own chambers; they don’t often make sense, and they tend to mix with the thoughts more often than not, causing a terrible tangle.

If only one could card out one’s thoughts and emotions like so much dirt out of wool. If only there were a way to silence the hundreds of half-formed ideas and concepts that jump around, just for a moment, just for a temporary relief. The silence and the privacy of that place in the mind seems somehow to be overwhelming and crowded, and one can’t help but wonder how, and if, anyone else deals with this.

Who knows? Perhaps you’re the only one with a crowded, tangled, snarled and unorganized mind. Perhaps everyone else’s minds work differently, perhaps they’re organized in tidy drawers and the thoughts can be pulled out neatly, one by one, and examined at the thinker’s leisure. Then again, maybe not. Maybe humanity, that sole race that seems to have such an extent of consciousness, is made up of billions of confused and messy-minded individuals, and each wonders if their mind is unique or if it is like this for everyone.


8 thoughts on “Mind-Space

  1. Well, if this is any insight at all, my mind gets this way at times. If I’m trying to concentrate on something I’d rather not be concentrating on, my mind tends to go in a million different directions–but only halfway in each. No, I don’t get the relief of having fully-formed ideas…I’m stuck with the ones that just aren’t quite there yet.

    Perhaps some downtime would remedy your malady, at least to some extent.

  2. chloë says:

    sometimes my mind is crazy & i can’t even hear myself think
    other times i’m at peace & i listen to my breathing & i’m relaxed
    it’s weird.

    i really like your line “If only there were a way to silence the hundreds of half-formed ideas and concepts that jump around, just for a moment, just for a temporary relief”

  3. I really did have a nice weekend. – Everyone needs a chance to let their mind settle – peaceful, toughtful times alone. Its why I enjoyed walking along the thames listening to the silence of the waves and having just a calm inner peace that you so often forget how to find.

  4. and yes on poor Nelson 😦 – I miss there being hundreds of Pidgeons around. I used to stand with my arm out and laugh as they perched on my arm pecking at dust.

    I do love pidgeons – they seem to be everywhere and make me think of home. Like one thing that never changes is pidgeons

  5. ranmon says:

    With the lack of organization in my mind, I like to categorize it as “scatter brain”, filed next to similar people with thoughts lying on the ground which refuse to place themselves back into their respective folders.

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