Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from the way a cloud moves across the sky, reminding you of  a puppy chasing it’s mother through the sky, trying to catch up with her. It can come from the way your morning cup of coffee smells, the rich and heady aroma of it rising into your nose and awakening your senses. It can come from the old man you saw on the street who was struggling with his shopping bags and grumbling under his breath about the youth of today.

Inspiration can come from your favorite books, movies, radio-shows and music. You can copy and steal from every written word ever published without anyone being the wiser, because on the way to your finished work you changed everything you meant to steal. Your inspiration can carry you past plain copy-and-paste into the land of borrowing from lyrics, ideas, symbols, and generalized characters. You can decide to copy the tale of Aladdin’s Lamp and end up writing about fog in San-Francisco – and even then you might be positive you stole the whole thing.

Inspiration can be slippery. It can hit you when you’re in the middle of a conversation, when you’re driving, when you’re about to fall asleep – as a result, you’ll lose the ideas, and kick yourself for it. It can also strike you just when the pen is in your hand or your hands are hovering over the keyboard.

Inspiration can be a bitch, and desert you for days at a time.


8 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Inspiration can be a bitch, and desert you for days at a time.” . . . You sitting down, Em? Here’s some harshness: It’s known as getting old! ;^)

    But with age comes a warmth in wisdom that helps soothe the coolness of forgetfulness–sometimes.

  2. chloë says:

    haha @ J.W. Nicklaus comment..
    but no, i think it’s called writters block (?)
    some times i get photographers block where i’m lacking inspiration & new ideas
    it happens to the best of us


  3. “Inspiration can be a bitch, and desert you for days at a time.” This makes me LOL! This is precisely why I have a pad and pen/pencil in every room. I think of hundreds of good idea’s to blog about and as soon as I sit down to write something, my mind goes blank. Then I go gather up the notepads and take my pick of subjects. The worst thing about that is even when I read something I wrote down, there have been times I have no idea what I meant!!

    Great post as usual.

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