In Love With A Voice

Interviews, photographs, different costumes and looks, different words and ideas… None of those seem to matter. Rather, they matter, but they’re not the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what she looks like. It doesn’t matter what she wears, really. Her words and ideas and opinions matter, if only because I agree with them – though more so because they come to light in her lyrics. But even if those ideas didn’t sit well with my view on life, I still don’t think I could help it.

The first time I heard her, I didn’t appreciate her. I truly, honestly think that I was too young. I couldn’t yet hear the beauty, the emotion, the sheer and utter strength that was in her voice. A few years later, and a need for something different, brought me back to her. One song was all it took. Her voice, without instruments, without accompaniment – she drew me in, and I was in love.

I am speaking of Tori Amos. Many don’t like her. I can understand why. I didn’t like her, once upon a time. Now, though? Her voice sends shivers down my spine and makes my vocal chords quiver with jealousy. Her lyrics, filled with emotion and spirit, make me smile or laugh or want to hug something or need to cry. She is an enchantress, and as her tenth studio album comes nearer to being released, I feel the call of her music to me, and I respond.

It may be insane, it may be silly, it may simply be typical-teenager-stuff, but I can’t help it. I’m in love with a voice.


9 thoughts on “In Love With A Voice

  1. I am way way past my teenage years, however I totally understand. Different times in our lives, music speaks to us more than at others, at least that is what I believe. Enjoy. I will check her out and see if her music is my thing or not. Thanks, lovely writing.

  2. Ha, but how will we tell which are masquerading and which are real. They all seem to say “Real Mayo” at the moment. Oh dear, I am now even more worried

  3. I feel this way about certain voices too. I love Whitney Houston and a completely opposite voice is Dolly Pardon. I’ve been told I sound like Whitney when singing in the shower 😉

  4. One’s appreciation for a certain music or voice depends on the current mood. Hers and yours happen to match. To be honest, she is never a favorite of mine.

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