Respectful Fear

Well, I’m in the United States of America, using a new and adorable miniature laptop, also known as a net-book, and finally catching up with this blog. I cannot, sadly, keep up with my usual schedule of all the blogs I usually read – I hardly have time to write, let alone browse at my leisure. However, if I happen to find the time, I will definitely pop over and say hi to you all. Hopefully, I will be forgiven for my lapse of attention for the time being.

I would like to share some thoughts I had while on the long [long, long, long] flight to the US.

Some people are afraid of flying. Mortally afraid. Many know how unreasonable their fear is and how safe air-crafts are these days, but still, something about being so very high up in the air in a vehicle they cannot control on their own – something about all this terrifies them in a way they can’t deal with, and it is enough to make them give up travel to distant countries altogether.

I am not one of these. As one who has traveled back and forth to Europe and the US at least once every year since birth, I suppose I could be considered quite the veteran on airplanes. Heck, I even remember the days where you could go to the back of the plane to a “smoking row” if you so wished. So, as I say, I’m quite confidant about flying.


I still believe there is a healthy amount of fear and respect due to a few tons of aluminum that manage to rise into the air and race across the face of the Earth for hours. I suppose you could say that I regard airplanes like I would a horse – handy mode of transportation and all, but hurt it or disrespect it and you might just end up in the mud. And, in the case of airplanes, probably very dead too.

So every time the airplane stars to shake with turbulance, my stomach can’t help but get tied in knots, my jaw clenches of its own accord and my hands squeeze each other for comfort. That’s jut the way it goes, I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Respectful Fear

  1. You have a healthy respect for not only the act of ‘flying’ but for the vehicle of conveyance itself. I used to work at a plant where they made a number of jet engines, and you’d be amazed at what the FAA puts them through . Anything mechanical–even bio-mechanical–breaks down at some point. The trick is to not be there when it happens ;^)

  2. I’m so happy for you and I’m glad you’re there safe and sound. I will not fly. I can’t even give you one reason that I would do so. I can’t even tell you why. I’ve flown many times in the past and this “not flying” thing only developed in my later years. I can’t stand the air. I can’t breath. If I can’t get there by car, I’m not going. I wouldn’t go on a ship either. Maybe it’s the traveling that far or like you said, not having any control over anything. I also smoke with stress and now that’s not allowed so maybe I have no security blanket so to speak.

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