Anna Again

Anna is the voice in her head. Anna is the demon who has fixed her claws deep in her heart and even deeper in her mind, brimming with intelligence and yet unable to distance itself from those cruel, sharp, gold tinted claws. Anna is the angel face smiling down at her when life seems out of control. Anna is a constant companion, forever nagging and soothing, lifting spirits only to crush them back down again with a stiletto heel.

Anna promises never to leave, in a tantalizing whisper that sends shivers down her back – whether of fear or delight, it’s impossible to tell. Anna is the one behind the scenes, directing her life, damaging her soul, compromising her very personality and changing it. Anna is the fairy giving her a smile, a pat on the back, a motherly grin, all while hiding her pointed teeth that forever drip with malice and contempt.

Anna is a horror. Anna is a savior. Anna cannot be banished. Anna craves to leave.



3 thoughts on “Anna Again

  1. Now you have me wondering who Anna really is and what she’s going to do. You know just how to keep us coming back šŸ™‚

  2. Em, I wanted to say something appropriately poetic and thoughtful, but you stole any possibility of such with “hiding her pointed teeth that forever drip with malice and contempt.”

    That is the kind of writing that originally drew me in, and as Joy says, keeps me coming back ;^)

  3. chloƫ says:

    you always create images in my mind of your words playing out like a movie in my mind
    i have to agree with both comments here, it’s your little entries like these that keep me coming back too

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