If you think about it, the concept of birthdays is a strange one. We commemorate the day we were born – a day which we can’t remember and which we didn’t have much physical participation in. Wouldn’t it make sense to remember the day we said our first words? Or the day we took our first steps? Maybe the date of our earliest memories? But no, we celebrate this day of all days in the year as something special.

When I was a kid, birthdays just didn’t feel like regular days. They felt magical, full of special occurrences, little traditions and big wrapped gifts. My mother would read me The Birthday Bird book by Dr. Seuss every birthday morning, and then the whole family would go out to a hidden picnic table in my favorite park to eat cupcakes, play Frisbee, talk and watch the sunset through the distant skyscrapers.

Today felt like a pretty normal day, despite being my nineteenth birthday. But then, that’s what happens as you get older. Birthdays stop being magical and become just… nothing much. There are still presents and there’s still some fuss made with friends and loved ones, but the magic is gone from the day. It’s bittersweet, really, because although I miss the special fuzzy feeling that I got on my birthdays, I also appreciate that I’m wiser now and more willing to find magic in my daily routines and simple pleasures instead of putting all my excitement about life into one day of the year.


3 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Sarah says:

    Well happy birthday! I kind of feel the same way about my birthday, like it’s just another day. I tend to think about it as a day to say “Well, I’ve somehow managed to survive another year.”

  2. Happy Birthday To You. I’m glad your day was good. I’ve never really been a huge fan of my birthday. My birthday is 12-27 and we were always traveling that day. We either spent Christmas in Buffalo NY or Canada. We had no family in MN so we always traveled. My gifts alway were in Christmas paper and my “cards” were the tags. I really only had Christmas and got a gift usually for both that my brother would turn around and get on his. Ask me if I have any hard feelings??? Does it show?? Needless to say, my husband and kids treat it better now and nothing is said about my birthday on Christmas.

    Can I have a little whine with my cheese please 🙂

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