Imaginary Muse

What to do when my muse has fled?
Why, I could sit here on my bed
And I could then begin to dread
That she has forever left my head.

My muse is a fickle thing,
She doesn’t call, she doesn’t ring.
On a whim she’ll come and bring
Me an idea of car or king.

But then she leaves and I’m bereft,
My hands- with keyboard deft,
Almost willing to commit literary theft,
For without my muse, what have I left?

But then again, there is no muse,
It’s all a sham, it’s all a ruse,
‘O Mind, you’re cruel!’ I accuse,
‘To give me an idea, you refuse!’

And so it goes once in a while,
And thus these poems, so infantile,
Are born of frustration and denial
With a brain, just now infertile!


9 thoughts on “Imaginary Muse

  1. To stake your fears in measured verse
    The dread of “What if this isn’t the worst?”
    The frustrating absence of temporal decline
    Happens to all of us from time to time

    Relax your mind
    Set your soul at ease
    Breathe in your life
    This respite, it frees

    Take inspiration from anywhere–hot, warm, or cold
    The thinly vieled wings of your angel unfold
    To wrap invisibly ’round you, to divinely cast out
    All dusty recesses and harbors of doubt

    Enjoy this time and in peace you should slumber
    Your subconscious will shake loose a memory, and thus unencumbered
    Your muse will return bearing gifts of inspirational things
    To be delivered to the rest of us upon goassamer wings.

  2. Just when you think
    Your muse up and went
    Is about the time you’ll
    soon get a hint
    of some hidden thought
    You forgot you knew
    that teases your brain from
    right out of the blue

    Cause sligthly’s so young
    And time’s on her side
    Even if her muse get lost
    and sometimes it hides
    She’ll wake from sleep to find it again
    And she’ll be a writer
    like she’s always been.

    Dr. B

  3. “But then she leaves and Iā€™m bereft,
    My hands- with keyboard deft,
    Almost willing to commit literary theft,”

    Very tempting, isn’t it? šŸ™‚

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