I Remember… (When I Was Really Little)

I remember the house we had in Los Angeles when I was really little.

I remember eating ice-cream in front of the television after nursery-school.

I remember begging my mom for cookies when she was on the phone, and bugging her until she’d give them to me just so I wouldn’t bother her.

I remember that I planned that strategy in order to get more cookies.

I remember my nursery-school teacher, Robin, and how I would get scared if I was parted with her.

I remember the red tricycle I had and the way I liked to stand on the back of it and move it forward with one leg, pretending it was a skateboard.

I remember my crib that I slept in until I was three years old.

I remember refusing to answer my father in Hebrew and only speaking to him in English until we moved to Israel and I had to speak Hebrew.

I remember rocking so hard on my little rocking chair that I unbalanced it and fell backwards, hitting my head hard.

I remember getting my first Barbie doll from my mother when she went on a vacation, and I remember that my brother got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action-figures.

I remember my friend, Ally, from nursery-school and my next-door neighbor, Gina, whose toys I was jealous of.

I remember a lot from before I turned three – I’m told it’s rather unusual. The memories are strange, though. They’re fuzzy and soft, all in pastel colors and moods and disconnected visions. Early memories are strange, but I’m glad I have them.


4 thoughts on “I Remember… (When I Was Really Little)

  1. simiyellow says:

    that’s true, it is unusual.
    but i have this kind of memories too.
    and i have to say, i’m happy i remember many things from before I turned three.
    (sorry for my english, it’s not very well :D)

  2. Those memories are really cool. That is pretty young but I like the way they are in nice soft colors. I have vague memories but I’m thinking I was somewhere around 5. I thought that was early too so I feel 3 is young. I’m glad they are good memories.

  3. I first met you at your house in LA. And I vividly remember that your favourite word was indeed “cookies” …
    But you know why your memories from that time are so vivid. It’s because you had such a big change in your life so you can precisely date memories of LA as Before the Move. Most of us don’t have such a clear milestone around which to place memories.

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