Warm Milk

When I was little, we always called it “warm milk,” even though it was really hot-chocolate. I don’t know why. Maybe “warm milk” sounds nicer, more wholesome somehow. To this day, though, I still think of it that way.

When I was little, in my grandparents’ home in Los Angeles, I had a cup with a screw-on top. It had handles, and the top was pink. I also had a yellow one, at some point, although I’m not sure which came first. The cup was clear plastic, with little drawing stenciled on it of butterflies and flowers. It was the kind of cup that adults love, because if it falls, very little can spill out of it in the time it takes for the fall to be noticed. It was the kind of cup I loved, too, because it was unique. I was the only one who drank out of it.

The taste of warm milk with chocolate Nesquick mixed into it brings me memories of that house where I used to drink out of that cup. The smell of the wooden floors in the kitchen seem to magically rise into my nostrils, as well as the smell of cleaning supplies that accompanied any late night in that kitchen, seeing as how my grandfather always cleaned the kitchen meticulously after dinner.

It is so strange, somehow, the way memories rise at such trivial moments, such as a regular Friday evening. The taste of warm milk is still in my mouth.


2 thoughts on “Warm Milk

  1. I just love this post. For two reasons. The first reason is you really made me feel like I want a cup of warm milk. I love the way you made it sound and the was it makes you feel and the description of your sippy cup.

    The second reason is because it seems more personal. I love your stories but I like to hear things about you once in a while. A little glimmer into your life. Yes, I like that.

  2. chloe says:

    ❤ i love these memories

    when ever i drink cold milo .. i remember my uncle (who has passed away), he introduced me to cold milo's when i was little & everytime i have one i remember those moments visiting his house when he would put me on the bar stool & make me cold milos until i couldn't drink & eat them any more

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