There are borders everywhere. The sky above is, perhaps, the only place where there are none, no borders whatsoever. There may be clouds drifting across that create an illusion of borders between white fluff and blue sky; there might be layers of gases and pressures and atmosphere; but there aren’t any borders that humans created.

But people create borders all the time. There are visible ones, between inside and out or between general admittance and an employees-only area. There are borders that change all the time and seem, on the surface, to be so pointless really – like the borders between countries, or even more so, the borders between different cities. These are often invisible borders; they’re there, and crossing from one country to the other may require a passport, but if you walk on foot from one side of a barrier to the other, the land won’t have changed nor will the birds sing differently or the sun rise from a different direction.

The worst borders are the ones we put around ourselves, the way we separate ourselves from other people. We’re animals – we shouldn’t have a sense of privacy. But along with consciousness and individual thoughts and ideas, we’ve developed a love of loneliness and seclusion. Not physically, not necessarily. There are many people who can’t remain alone for long, but must surround themselves with other people, with noise and movement and a proof of life being lived. But there are still always borders – no one can know another mind perfectly; no one can fathom what someone else is feeling exactly; no one can remove the borders around themselves completely.


3 thoughts on “Border

  1. theidletheory says:

    Your post caught my eye because I really do not like closed doors. In my house, I try to keep all of the doors open because I feel it flows better…

    Last year I visited a small group of islands called the Kingdom of Tonga. I visiited alot of homes there and noticed that none of the houses have doors. All they do is hang a sheet over where the doors should be. (well, they do have front doors….) It’s safe there, no crime and fear.. so most of the time their front and back doors remian open for the wind to sweep through the house and blow the sheets over the doors around… This is something i think we should all adapt into our lives. Perhaps if we can feel comfortable with having no doors in our homes, we can feel more open to the idea of knocking down the borders we have around ourselves…

    just an idea 🙂

  2. Erin says:


    I need borders and boundaries to a certain extent, but I also resent them. I’m a very private person (though my blog might not give that impression!), but I’m also nosy, and I want to go into the “no trespassing” / “employees only” zones. Also, I’m not big on countries. I like to think that without those borders, there would be a lot fewer problems.

    On the other hand, I love how people all over the world have different cultures, and maybe countries are a way to protect those cultures. I don’t think borders should act to segregate those cultures, though. I want to be able to learn all about them and experience them!

    Uh . . . sorry about the ramble. Basically, great post. Thank you for sharing.

    (And we do seem to have a lot in common!)

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