Whoops, Techonology Strikes

Well, I am now a proud owner of Windows 7. My desktop computer has finished installing and it seems to be working perfectly.

There’s only one problem. One MAJOR problem. The Internet connection doesn’t work. Which sucks big time.

I’m currently writing this quick note from my little EEEpc Netbook, in order to explain why I’m not going to be around on blogs tonight or tomorrow [my time, which is probably anywhere between seven to ten hours ahead of most people reading this] because I’m going to be dealing with computer/Internet love-affair-gone-wrong issues. Hopefully by Saturday night, US time, I’ll be able to catch up with y’all.

I feel like some sort of failed superhero – managed to install Win7, only to fail utterly at being able to use the computer for very much for the time being. Yes, I’m pouting, how could you tell?


5 thoughts on “Whoops, Techonology Strikes

  1. I love Windows 7. It’s like having the Mac experience with a thousand dollars left in your pocket.

    I had a big connection problem as well, but not with Windows 7. For months my internet connection kept dropping every few minutes. So annoying! Then, a few weeks ago, it stopped. Works fine. I read on some forums it was a simple matter of updating the modem address because it was too similar to another internal system address that resulted in both function fighting for the connection to the first sequence of numbers in both addresses. Don’t recall the technical terms, but it was so frustrating for so long I’m just happy to have a connection.

    But, with that said, now I am having a major issue with my Windows 7 computer and I’m not sure if it’s the computer itself or the program. After working fine for a week or two, it started scrambling the screen, then a black screen, but not like when it’s on hibernate or off. A screen that blocks the scrambling behind it. Can’t do anything on the computer except a hard shut down (pressing for several sections on the Off button of the computer). Now I have to bring it to a tech to fix. So frustrating! But I DO love Windows 7. Hope it’s not the problem.

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