My mom recently bought me a set of navy-blue Moleskine notebooks that I just couldn’t resist. They’re beautiful, and that’s exactly where the problem lies. I always feel my handwriting is inferior, and as I have an intense stationary/notebook/pen fetish, I’m always scared of ruining my pretty notebooks with my handwriting.

So here’s my plan. I’ll use one of the notebooks to write some favorite quotations in. I always find certain phrases in books that I absolutely love and then I never write them down as I should. So I’ll use a notebook to finally do this properly.

One notebook will be put aside for some other idea if I have one.

The third and final notebook is destined (maybe) to become a journal. Not a “Dear Diary” journal in which I write about my day, but rather a journal in which I answer a certain prompt or question and explore my memories or opinions about things. I was thinking of then posting photographs of the pages on here and expose you all to my handwriting! This is where I need advice, though. Do any of you know any journaling project where you get a prompt once a week or once a day or something? Does anyone want to start a journaling group? Or should I just take prompts from one of the various journaling websites and commit to writing one or two prompts a week?



8 thoughts on “Journaling?

  1. I have always wanted to keep a journal. Like you, I have a terrible fetish for new pens, pencils, paper and tablets and notebooks of any kind. I also LOVE new crayons. I still love to color. How sick is that?? I’m 52, it will probably never end or it would have by now. LOL!!!

    As I started to say, I’m not organized enough to keep a journal. I always mean to but I always forget and by the time I remember, it’s been a really LONG time. I don’t know what kind of journaling group do you mean? What kind of “group.” Let me know. I’d consider it but I’m not all poems and artsy stuff. You know me, I call a spade a spade.

    • Well, as I said, I was thinking of journaling about specific subjects, using prompts or something. Basically, doing what you already do in your blog! Writing my thoughts down about things, which is something I don’t often do here since I usually try to use this blog to practice my fiction.

      I was thinking maybe of making a group of some sort where each person would give a prompt for the week and then everyone would write in a journal by hand, and then take pictures of the pages and post them.

  2. unabridgedgirl says:

    I have the same problem. I hate messing up such a pretty journal with my hand writing. I usually type out what I want and then rewrite it in my journal. LoL

  3. suzicate says:

    I do the exact same thing! I can NOT bear to put my ugly scribbles in them! Good idea to put favorite quotes in them. I run across lovely words every day that I’d like to reference back to.

  4. I think that is a wonderful idea. There are several that do weekly “projects”. Look on my blogroll and under Mama’s Losin’ it!, she does one every week. She posts the new “assignment” on Tuesdays for you to write and post on Thursdays and link back to her. I believe I found on one of her old ones a LONG list (of about 150) of prompts to try sometimes. Also Sprite’s Keeper does a weekly one. She posts the new theme on Fridays for you to have until the next Friday to post and link back to her. And under In A Bottle, Genie does a monthly project. Not sure when it’s posted but it’s due the first Sunday of every month by 5 pm to link back to her. I’m sure there’s lots more but those are the ones I’ve run across that I do. Ask SuziCate…She reads a lot more of them than I do. I think they are so much fun and it kind of gets your creative juices flowing.

  5. chloe says:

    sometimes my writing is seriously neat & crisp, other times it looks untidy & i hate it 😦

    i love getting new journals, i have a lovely black & white one, it still smells new and i got it over a year ago
    i write poems in it

  6. Oh my goodness! I am sooooo like this. I have mounds and mounds of journals and pretty stationary that I love but never use— always breaking down and running to the keyboard to store or share my thoughts!

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