My eyes are tired.

My cheeks are tired.

My mouth is tired.



My lungs are tired.

My arms are tired.

My hands are tired.



My thighs are tired.

My knees are tired.

My feet are tired.



My mind is tired.

My soul is tired.

My heart is tired.



13 thoughts on “Tired

  1. I can recall similar feelings when going to the university and working to pay for it…not certain of all the details because I was so damn tired then….get some rest…loved reading this.

    • Thank you 🙂

      Just so you know, I really admire you for working your way through university. Knowledge is a thing worth working for.

      (Oh, and I don’t mean for that to sound snooty or anything – there are lots of ways to attain knowledge without going to university!)

  2. Hey, all of you guys are young. I’m 63. I’m not tired. Okay. I’m being, whatever. Yes, you do get tired no matter how old you are and this poem nails it.

  3. GREAT blog. Keep practicing – you are excellent. I’m subscribing. I must say…I like all your characteristics that you pen in the “Why” section too. Are you my twin?

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