Flash Fiction Thursday: Lyara

Disclaimer: I’m tired, I’m pressured, I did my best. Sometimes it feels as if whatever I write becomes trite, boring, repetitive and unoriginal, like this piece probably is. Which is why I’m disclaiming: Tired, Pressured, with capital T and P.

Lyara was in the rose garden when it finally hit her. I’m to be married tomorrow. It didn’t seem real. How could it? She sat down heavily, not caring, for once, about the state her dress would be in once she got up from the damp earth. She could always make the stains go away, if she worked hard enough. Trying to breath slowly, she managed to sit up straight and arrange herself so that any observer who happened to be looking through the The’elem Manor’s windows would see a beautiful woman, sitting in the rose garden and taking in the glorious sunshine. Appearances were important, Lyara knew. Especially for her.

A black rose was just beginning to open at eye-level. She stretched out a hand to touch a soft black petal, stroking it softly until it opened completely, and wondered whether marriage would hold any tenderness. It wasn’t obvious. Not everyone managed to marry good men. Why, just a year ago, Moralla married a Viscount, a notable man of wealth and learning. But in her letters home, Lyara knew, she’d confessed to her sisters that the man was cruel to her, beat her, even did unspeakable things to her that she hadn’t dared to write down. Lyara had joined her friends, Moralla’s twin sisters, in reading over the letters and acting suitably horrified. But it didn’t strike her until just now that Moralla was actually suffering, all alone, with her husband.

But that won’t happen to me. Mama and Papa promised. He’s good-looking, kind and intelligent. They told me so. Tears rolled down her face as she contemplated the future. She understood her parents. She knew that she needed to marry fast, marry the first man who offered, marry before he found out… Her parents were incredibly ashamed, and Lyara couldn’t help but feel that they were right. Nobody wanted a sorceress in their household. She knew her talents were a disgrace. But now, when she contemplated needing to hide all her little quirks from an entirely new household staff as well as her new husband – what was his name? She couldn’t remember – it seemed overwhelming. Her parents didn’t notice anymore if a candle flickered into a full blown flame when Lyara entered a room, or when the dinner plates that had arrived cold from the kitchen became suddenly warm again.

She wasn’t sure she could do it. She wished, for the first time in her pampered, idle life, that she was poor as muck and common as weeds, because then her talents would be sought after, wanted, needed. She’d be revered, loved, looked-up to. She wouldn’t ever starve, for a sorceress never did, nor would she lack for firewood.

An idea was forming in Lyara’s mind. She was frightened of pursuing it, but tucked it into the corner of her worries, just in case the marriage business went horribly wrong.


10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Thursday: Lyara

  1. I can’t figure out why you’d want to apologize for this. I enjoyed it quite a bit! I really like the premise.

    Love the name Lyara too–very pretty. I totally didn’t see the sorceress turn coming, but I like it! Thanks for the cliff hanger though. It’s fun to think of what Lyara will do, like abandoning her marriage and becoming a pauper. Dude, now I want to know more. 😉

  2. unabridgedgirl says:

    I heart this, and I want to know more! Great name choice, and wonderful flow to the story. The moment you introduced her as magical, I smiled. I loved it. It went in a direction I was not expecting.

  3. suzicate says:

    She wished, for the first time in her pampered, idle life, that she was poor as muck and common as weeds – love this line! You and Kenzie are so talented!

  4. I also have no idea why you’re apologizing for this. You can really feel Lyara’s anguish, and the pressure high society puts on her. That bit about her being a sorceress– I love it. I can’t imagine what complications that would throw into the mix, but if you ever decide to write more on it, and share, I’d be eager to find out. =]

  5. Erin M says:

    I like it! Your prose is so readable. I never get bored halfway through a paragraph. And that’s saying something =]

    The whole arranged marriage/know-someone-with-an-abusive-husband/magic powers thing? Love it. Those topics are close to my heart and I’ve explored them a bit in my own writing.

    I really want to see where this story goes, if you decide to write more!

  6. zeldagirl says:

    I’m quite intrigued as to what she can do with her powers. Did she make the rose black? What fun!

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