Awards? Wow. Awards!

I’ve never understood the award thing very much around here – it just confused me a lot at the beginning that people were giving each other all these awards! But now that I’ve gotten two from the lovely Peg at her blog, I’m going to pass them on and abide by their rules.

This award really honors me, since I began this blog assuming I would only post fiction or poetry or articles in it, but with the family of friends that I’ve acquired here, I’ve branched out and written things about my personal life as well, something that I wasn’t comfortable doing at first. This specific award I’d like to give to the following:

1. Mckenzie the Lovely at Unabridged Girl. She writes about everything – her life, her thoughts, her writing. She shares some of her fiction with her readers, and is astonishing, because she’s such a fabulous writer both in and out of fiction writing.

2. Erin the Awesome, at Wild Archaic , who writes short, long, funny and poignant posts, sometimes about daily life, sometimes about authors and books and her opinions. She also publishes her fiction and is, as far as I’m concerned, a fabulous writer.

3. Joy and her group of family and friends here are just about the most versatile group you could find. They write about their opinions, with strong conviction but with an open mind to discussion and great sincerity and experience. You gals are wonderful, and Joy took my under her wing almost from day one, and I genuinely feel that she and her fellow writers are amazing women.

I like this one, because I hope I manage to bring happiness to some readers! Even though sometimes, like my last post, I tend to depress them :/. Now this award applies to the women above, PLUS:

1. J.W. at his blog – his posts have always made me happy because I love to read them. They’re always interesting, and often funny or moving as well.

2. Kit (I’ve just learned your name from the About section in your blog!) at Goggles & Lace, because I swear she’s my emotional twin and I love reading her posts – both fiction and every day.

3. Living Dilbert makes me laugh, laugh, laugh, and she actually matches my cynicism [and hidden hope and tenderness, too] about the world.

4. Dr. Tom Bibey at his bluegrass blog who makes me less cynical because his words are always touching and wonderful.

5. Heather, who’s amazing and sweet and her writing rocks my socks here.

6. Den, who’s a new discovery for me, and he makes me happy with his amazing flash fiction.

7. Eva, who I’m adding late because, well, it’s hard to always remember everyone who makes you happy! But she does. She makes me thing, she makes me wonder, and she makes me happy since I love reading her blog.

In case there’s someone I didn’t list here, I don’t want you to think that you don’t deserve these awards. I don’t actually read blogs that don’t deserve these awards, just so you know!. I’m trying to honor some specific people who have been close to me and meaningful, which is why I limited myself…

Now, I’m supposed to do the following things as well:

Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. I went to the first Metallica concert in Israel in eleven years last night with Sir B. F. and I had an amazing, awesome, splendiferous time.

2. My astrological sign is Cancer, and I hate that because every family member I’ve known well who’s passed away has died from a cancer.

3. I’m a devoted cat person, but I really, sincerely love all animals that aren’t insects. I love snakes. I love rats.

4. My eyes are green-grey, and their color is probably my favorite thing about my looks and my one vanity.

5. I almost went deaf when I was very small and had to have surgery to fix it. My parents noticed it because I was reading their lips instead of looking at their eyes when they spoke.

6. I’m so pale that I’m see-through. My veins are visible almost everywhere.

7. I love singing.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy (things, not people, so I’ll stick to that so as not to objectify anyone I love!):

1. Weather – I love experiencing sun on my face, rain on the windows, a breeze in my hair.

2. My favorite bands.

3. Books books books books books books books.

4. Computer games [yes, I’m a girl-gamer, and thus, a geek].

5. Pens and paper.

6. The Internet.

7. Blogs.

8. Those certain items of clothing that make me feel special [come on, we all have one or two of those].

9. My tattoo. I love that after five years of wanting it, I finally got it once it was legal to.

10. Chocolate.


16 thoughts on “Awards? Wow. Awards!

  1. Erin M says:

    Hee! Thank you so much, Ilana!

    So I do the “7 things you didn’t know” one on my blog? (Maybe I’ll do the “10 things that make me happy” one too, just for fun =)

    And your story wasn’t depressing; it was sad, but great. (Also, I meant to comment that a} “It was a dark and stormy night” is one of my favourite lines ever, I don’t care how “cliché” it is, and b} the couches in my living room are sort of faded red and bright green. So the reference in your story made me laugh.) =]

    • Yes, do both!

      Thanks, Erin ^_^. I know you didn’t mean that it was depressing, it’s just that I found it a kind of depressing…

      That’s so weird about the furniture!!

  2. unabridgedgirl says:

    Awww! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so wonderful. 🙂 I am a Cancer sign, too.

  3. Wow, thank you! 🙂 You’re great.

    Now I’ll have to figure out what seven things about me that I *haven’t* blogged about, lol! 😉

  4. Congrats! This is SO DESERVED!

    My favorite thing about blog awards? Learning new tidbits about my favorite writers. It’s amazing about your hearing loss as a child – scary, but thank goodness for surgery and modern medicine.

    Thanks for the recommendations of other blogs to check out. And I love Living Dilbert too – hilarious!

    • Thank you Eva!

      I can’t believe I didn’t add you to my happiness award, because I love love love reading your blog… I’m editing and adding you now, so consider yourself rewarded too, please!

  5. Hadassah says:

    Tell me more about #5 please. The same thing happenend to me. I’m still deaf in my left year because I had complications from the first surgery. I lost part of my taste. Half hearing and half taste – not too bad. LOL!

  6. If I could tackle you right now, I totally would! I’m pretty sure you made my week! ❤

    And we are emotional twins. It's entertaining and eerie. XD I love it.

    Thank you so much! ❤

  7. Oh my gosh, I haven’t said thank you yet?? I am SO sorry. Thank you so much for your very nice words! You are pretty damn wonderful yourself you know!!! This post alone about you and all your incredible qualities proves it.

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