…Late on a Friday Night

Things I notice late at night:

-The way sound is magnified because of the quiet.

-The way wind seems to be so much freer. Maybe the lack of many people being in the way makes it blow through my hair in a nicer way.

-The way speaking about politics becomes so engrossing, so enfuriating and so intense. Even though I usually speak to people who agree with me, and so we’re preaching to the choir, the night-time makes me want to DO something about it. Maybe it’s the lack of real life that seems to happen at night.

-The way real life doesn’t exist. Late at night, things feel different. There’s a certain point beyond being tired, and in those moments I feel bigger, better, open to possibilities, uninhibited. Magic and fairy-tales always seem more real at night.

-And finally, the way I know that if I could, I’d live the lifestyle of a night owl, because of all of the above.


6 thoughts on “…Late on a Friday Night

  1. Erin M says:

    Yes! Nighttime is magical. I love the feeling of being in the city at night. It’s like you’re not even really there; you lose yourself in the darkness and there’s only the lights from tall buildings . . .

    Sometimes I’m scared of the dark ^_^’

  2. Miss Rosemary says:

    That’s probably why there is so much folklore featureing Creaturesof the Night … great story material I must say 🙂
    The only thing I hate about the night though is when sound is magnified and it sounds like a car door right in front of my house and, being a writer I exaggerate everything, which makes me think it’s someone out to get me … too bad I don’t have a nice young man to run downstairs with a baseball bat for me lol!

  3. I love this post and feel the same way… Lately I’ve had such a hard time sleeping and I almost think it’s because I like the late night so much I don’t want to sleep…

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