To Berlin!

Yes, it’s true, I’m going abroad tonight! Again! I know, I know, this is getting insane… But to be fair, this time I’m using my mileage on Swiss-Air to fund a flight! And I’ll remind you all again that flying to Europe from Israel is much less hassle that from North America, or indeed, Australia/New Zealand. It’s about three and a half hours to Frankfurt, where we switch planes and fly to Berlin.

Yes, this is the third trip abroad that Sir B. F. and I are undergoing together! The first two were to London, England, a place we both love beyond measure. London is fantastic city, absolutely amazing in everything from culture to architecture. But we’ve “done” London twice, and we decided we need a change.

Sir B. F. has a family member who’s relatively wealthy and he has an apartment in Berlin which we can stay in – there’s no way we could have succeeded in funding this trip if we’d had to stay in hotels. Even the cheapest of hotels cost about 100 Euro a night. But no, we get our own cozy little apartment in Charlottenburg, and we have the Schloss Charlottenburg, which is a palace with extensive gardens, right in our own neighborhood! It’s definitely a perfect location for us  – it’s quiet, so we can rest peacefully at night, but close enough to transportation so that we can get right into the centers of Berlin.

While I’m gone, I will try to keep up with everyone’s blogs as often as I can – and yes, I’m still visiting your blogs, but I’m just commenting less. I want to keep my circle of friends here, and I know that in the bloggy-world, the first sign of waning friendship is less commenting – so I truly do apologize, and I’ll do better in future!

I’m also going to try to write a bit (or a lot) while I’m there. I’m bringing my trust netbook, and we have internet in our apartment – plus, there’s neighbourhood-wide wifi connections in some areas of Berlin! Now that’s a service that I think every city should adopt. But back to the point of this paragraph – writing! I’ve already started my travel journal, which I intend to write in as extensively as possible, and if I have time then I’ll also try to continue with my own project which has slowed down a little, although things are getting clearer and closer to an ending, at which point I’ll finally be able to start working on a second draft! Woo!

And so I leave you now to tackle the rest of my day and half the night, as I wait impatiently for my exciting vacation to begin.


13 thoughts on “To Berlin!

  1. Erin M says:

    A couple days ago I was itching like mad to go to London again. It was like being homesick, ha ha. Man, I have to save up money, though, to fund all the adventures I want to go on. O_o

    Also I probably don’t have to (re)tell you how much I’d like to go to Germany one day. If you take any pictures, maybe share a few?

    Have an awesome trip! And hope you get lots of writing done, too! ^_^


  2. I hope you have a great time. I’m 95 blogs behind – I haven’t read or commented for weeks – too caught up in my own stuff I guess. Thanks for making your presence known during my difficult times. I hope you & the bf have an amazing time.

  3. Have a wonderful time! And be sure to bring a little notebook to jot down all the inspirations for future blog posts. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  4. Wow. This sounds simply wonderful. What a great opportunity for you to see a place like this. I will be so anxious to see photo’s. I sure hope you put them on Facebook. Have a wonderful and safe trip Ilana. We’ll be here waiting for you.

  5. Miss Rosemary says:

    how exciting! I’m in London myself and am headed to Germany for Oktoberfest soon. Have the best time! Write, write, write!!!

  6. Oh my gosh – this is great! I wish I was joining you! I studied abroad in Berlin and have so many memories associated with that city.

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