Disclaimer: I’m sorry, everyone, for being so emo and sappy over the holidays… I have a promise to myself never to erase any posts; otherwise, I’d erase this crappy poem. Instead, I’m adding this disclaimer.



Things are different.

The sky hasn’t fallen,

The planets orbit as usual,

Toddlers cry and children laugh,

Parents love and people die.

But things are still different,



Molehill fears become mountains,

Nasty insecurities become screaming flaws,

While outwardly things remain the same,

A mask making up for everything,



Experiences are private once more,

Sharing becomes hard work,

Terrors and nightmares rule the dark,

Loneliness is a natural state,



Is simply harder than with,

Is sadder than with,

Is a struggle worthy only of the word



8 thoughts on “Without

  1. suzicate says:

    The holidays are difficult for many people, some are without loved ones, and some are simply without (those living in poverty). I am sorry this holiday is emotionally hard for you. I hope that the coming days will bring laughter and sunshine your way. Hugs to you.

  2. It’s important to let it out. I have to re-learn this lesson every time. It’s no good repressing what we feel, and I think writing a poem or a post is the healthiest way to work through the pain, even if it is during the holidays. If you are making an effort to ease that pain, or make sense of it through art, then who cares? That’s the point right? Repressing our feelings is the bad way out anyway. And I found that when I open up my soul to others, others appreciate it, instead of condemn it. Why? Because openness is a rare thing to find. Keep it up. I appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Erin M says:

    Oh sweetie, don’t feel bad about being emotional. It’s enough to have to deal with what you have to deal with without being sorry for feeling unhappy.

    Love you and hope you find strength and happiness (and everything else you want and need) soon.

    Also? Wonderful poem.

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