Dorms, Interviews, People, and Stuff

I haven’t posted in over a week – could it even be two weeks? – and I feel bad about that. No, correction, I specifically feel bad about not having written for so long, as well as about not having read all of your posts. I find this an encouraging sign that I will (hopefully) be able to keep up my blog posting over the next few months while I’m at school.

I’m currently in my dorm room, which I share with one other girl. She’s lovely, although I don’t know her very well yet, and I feel quite optimistic about us continuing to live in harmony – this is rare for me, as I’m often quite the pessimist. My aunt pointed out something interesting to me this week – I’d gotten some news, and I immediately began to talk about all the things that were going to go wrong and how things would fail – my aunt, as I was saying, pointed out that whenever something happens, the story-telling part of my brain starts formulating what’s going to happen almost at once. True, the predictions I make are usually dark, but I’m trying to be a bit brighter and better. For instance, I’m truly trying to be in the moment while I’m here at college and not think about the stress that will come later.

At my school, registering for classes is a complicated business involving lots of running around (in the rain) to sign up at different professors’ doors. The students interview the teachers about the classes they’re teaching and then base their decision on that. I’ll update you all what my classes are once I know them for sure, but suffice it to say for now that I really-really-really hope I get into the ones I want.

I’ve been meeting lots of old friends from last year, and they’ve all given me lovely and warm welcomes, which makes me feel both fantastic (because they remember me and thought fondly of me while I was gone) and ashamed (because I honestly felt that nobody really liked me when I left school a year ago).

I suppose the point of this whole scattered post is that I’m seriously glad to be back, despite a lot of things which could really easily ruin it for me.


12 thoughts on “Dorms, Interviews, People, and Stuff

  1. suzicate says:

    Yay, for you for going back to school. Yes, if you keep a positive attitude, chances are better that things will go well. I wish you the best. I will miss your posts, but it is much more important for you to stay on top of your school work…yes, I realize I’m speaking like a mom, oh well…you will have your whole life to write all those wonderful novels that I KNOW you will!

  2. Good luck with staying optimistic! I have that part of the brain that likes to make up the horrible things that could happen too… but I just don’t let it show to everyone else! Haha. You can do this! I like those methods of picking classes, interviewing the teachers. More colleges/universities should do that! Hope you get the ones you want!

  3. Erin M says:

    That’s a really interesting way of signing up for classes. I’d never heard of it. I wish I’d been able to meet some of the profs and interview them about some of the classes before I took them, ha ha.

    I hope things keep going well for you, and I hope you get into the classes you want, and I hope you and your roommate keep being harmonious!


    • I think that the system is in place because this is such a small school and the classes are so small – teacher/student relations are really important and if a student doesn’t connect well with the professor then the whole vibe of the class could be off.

      Thank you, Erin *hugs*.

  4. unabridgedgirl says:

    Glad you’re optimisitic about your roomie. And best of luck on getting into the classes that you want! I’m so glad your’e back at SLC.

  5. Fingers crossed that we’re going to hear lots of “back to school” stories so I can live vicariously through your adventures. (I secretly wish “student” were a paid profession. I really do!)

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