In the Moment

Pigeons coo outside my window, somewhere beyond my field of vision. They must be sitting on the roof right above me. Maybe they’re commenting on the heat, which is unpleasant, especially at this hour when the day is beginning to end. Or maybe they’re simply saying goodbye to the sun that’s starting its descent. I think they know that I’m writing about them, though, because they’ve stopped making their throaty, rolling syllables. They’re listening attentively now, wondering what on earth the strange fleshy being is doing, tap-tapping away on the flat black surface full of keys.

The fan is spinning lazily behind me, trying to cool down the air. The back of my tall blue swiveling office-chair cuts me off from the fan’s breeze, and I only feel a slight draft on each of my shoulders in turn as the air spins and turns, hitting the wall on one side and the closet on the other and rebounding toward my body, hunched over with knees drawn up to my chest and arms wrapped around them.

I look down to see if my toe-nails need clipping yet. They don’t. I’m proud of my toes, in the way that one can be secretly proud of things over which one has absolutely no control. My toes just grew the way they are, all straight and even, without the second toe being longer than the first. I certainly didn’t do anything to help them grow this way, so why do I still feel proud of them? I suppose because they’re part of my body, and so meaningful to me.

I haven’t always been able to do this. It’s taken me a long time to teach myself how to concentrate, even if only for a few short minutes, on the here and now and how it feels. Now that I’ve trained myself to be more aware of my surroundings, I try to encourage myself to think about how I feel and what exactly my senses are telling me. It’s extremely calming.

Are you able to be in the moment? Do you need to struggle to notice your surroundings? Do you ever take the time to concentrate on relaxing?


8 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. Chloe [Photographer] says:

    i have those times, where i am able to sense everything & i end up wandering my own mind, exploring the expression
    then other days, i feel nothing.

    i like feeling the moment

  2. Miss Rosemary says:

    I enjoy when I can feel the moment because it’s so rare for me to sit and appreciate it. My life is so hectic (particularly right now) and I’m constantly thinking and wondering about the future.

  3. I am lucky enough to live in an area where nature abounds and is quite accessible. There is nothing better than sitting out amongst the trees and to hear them quietly rustle as if to whisper hello, stay a while, feel the peace. I love thoe moments. They provide a buffer against the days where the whole world is screaming for my attention.

  4. Erin M says:

    You’re lucky to have straight toes. =]

    I really like this piece and how aware you are of your surroundings, and how well you describe them.

    Focusing on relaxing is definitely something I need to do more often.

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