Apocalypse [Flash Fiction]

Kit posted a writing prompt, so I decided to create a weird piece of flash fiction out of it. Not one of my best, but I’m tired and my legs are burned from standing outside in the sun all day at work. Also, the dialect is purposefully weird, and you’re not supposed to necessarily pinpoint the accent. I know dialect can be annoying, but I felt that if I was going to write a little apocalypse flash fiction piece, I might as well put it down the way I see it (and hear it) in my mind. Enjoy the weirdness and feel free to dislike it (does that even make sense? I really am tired.).

It happened in a searing wave. When grandpappy told me bout it, he got all red in the face, like as if ’twas happening right then while he was saying it. Mam can’t hardly remember any ‘fit, cause she was so small. Da’s older than her – he and Mam say that there was ten years tween them, but years don’t mean any old thing anymore. A year used t’be when the planet went round the fireball once, but time’s all different ways now that the fireball exploded.

Grandpappy told me’n Sean that there was a people a long long time ago that used to love the fireball and called it God. Sean laughed at Grandpappy and tol’im he was stupid cause everyone knows that the fireball was the Devil and tried to kill all of us once. God saved us and made the few docs that lived invent D-Bits so we get our fire vitamins reg’ler. But Grandpappy jus’ looked at Sean laughing and was really sad. He gets this look on his face, Grandpappy does, and I can see that me’n Sean aren’t as good as he wanted us to be. He tells us that were all sorts of stuff when he was a kid that we can’t have now, but I say that it’s better this way. God don’t need books and big buildings and stuff – the Dark is good enough for any prayer meeting and Grandpappy should know that. Mam and Da yell at him sometimes, and Mam calls him something but she never tells me what it means. I guess it’s real bad? She says he’s a Nathiess and says that she’ll be burned if her kids’ll be too. Grandpappy tells her we’re stupid, but I stopped cryin’ about that moons ago.

He might think I’m stupid, but Grandpappy lived when the fireball blew and that means God wanted him to care for Mam so she could marry Da and have Sean’n me. It’s enough to live after what happened to the planet, everyone knows that. Even Grandpappy.


8 thoughts on “Apocalypse [Flash Fiction]

  1. juanvillagrana says:

    WOW. I really liked this! And the dialect isn’t annoying at all. I, for one, think it perfectly reflects what a broken future can do to a language. The ending is also beautiful.

  2. Erin M says:

    Ahaha, this piece made me laugh (er . . .). “a Nathiess” XD XD XD

    I really, really love the voice and how history and folklore have gotten all jumbled, and how different all the little things are, wherever the characters happen to be. (I’d try to be more coherent in my explanation, but I’ve been staring at the computer screen for about twelve hours now, and my brain is zombified. O_o)

    While I was reading, I imagined a little kid on one of those space colonies in Titan AE. (Hush, that was the first movie I saw in theatres more than once. NEEERRRRD. ^_^)

    I would have commented on this sooner, but I didn’t get around to writing my interpretation till today, and I didn’t want to be influenced by what everyone else did. But I’m glad I finally wrote mine so that I could read yours! LOVED it!

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