The past two-three weeks have been odd. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but things are being turned topsy-turvy in my mind, in my gut, in my heart. I don’t understand it, and although I’ve been trying to, I’ve also realized that I might not be able to really fathom what it is I’m going through.
Because of this, everything I’ve seen, done and experienced during the past couple of weeks has seemed dreamlike, as if it hasn’t been taking place in reality.
Have any of you experienced this? Do you have any tips on how to deal with it?


6 thoughts on “Weird

  1. it’s not something you can really grasp and study, i know the feeling very well, but it goes away on its own accord. like this fuzzy cloud’s been shoved up your head. i agree above exercising is a great way to reconnect yourself to your body, but idk what caused this fog so i can’t really say 😦 i hope u feel better though!

  2. I know the feeling too. WAY too well. I agree with exercise and vitamins and eating well, but I also advocate getting out as much as possible. Connect with your friends and the people around you. If anyone can pull you through the fog, if only for an evening, it’s the company of good people.

    Feel better! ❤

    • But see, getting out is part of the problem – I haven’t had enough alone time lately, and I think that might be part of what’s creating the foggy weirdness… *sigh*

      Thank you, Kit ^_^.

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