Feeling the Years

Ever since coming home from school, I’ve returned to taking voice lessons. My teacher wanted me to be in the music-school’s end-of-year concert, which is how I found myself roped into singing the lead in Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” as well as doing backing vocals for half a dozen other songs.

The other girls singing with me are of various ages between eleven and eighteen. I’m the oldest by three years, having recently turned twenty-one. Let me tell you, nothing makes a twenty-one year old feel her years like spending hours with girls six years her junior and realizing that they’re actually not as interesting to her as the eleven-year old. What is it about the middle teenage years that seems to erase half their brain-cells? One of the other singers, an incredibly talented girl who’s also very sweet, polite and bubbly, actually takes Justin Bieber seriously and thinks that he’s the bee’s knees.

Then there’s the issue of the guy who used to be my guitar teacher when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school. I hadn’t seen him for ages, until tonight when I found out that he was leading the rehearsal we were having. Since seeing each other he’s become more clean-cut and I’ve had time to go wild and come back down a little again. It was strange seeing him and realizing that six years had passed since spending weekly hours together with our guitars. Knowing that I’m now at an age where he looks at me like an equal, an adult, is frightening in some ways, exhilarating in others.

Growing older is strange, but so far it’s not actually displeasing.


5 thoughts on “Feeling the Years

  1. I’m quite a bit older than you, 28, but I have been struggling with some of the same feelings. Particularly strange is the number of people who have been in my life over the past eight years that now seem more like a dream or idea than ever having actually been real. It’s as if there have been multiple instances of me, and perhaps I watched a few of those instances on television once.

    A strange feeling to be sure.


  2. Erin M says:

    That’s so cool that you take voice lessons! Also, you play guitar!? You’re so talented.

    Aww, guitar teachers!

    Glad to hear getting old is going ok for you. ^_^

  3. With aging comes experience; with experience comes reasoning; with reasoning, wisdom. You have clearly articulated this here. Our world is in good hands if you can gather enough like-minded young adults around you.

  4. As long as you wake up on the right side of the Daisies, things are good. Aging is the only way to stay on the right side :). At 41, I enjoy my life with more confidence and less tolerance for BS than I did at your age. Thank you for reminding me that we all have “age issues”. I’ll be sure to say hi to the Daisies for you tomorrow !

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