Things I Saw Today

-Three kittens playing with their mother’s tail.
-A man wearing a back-brace that looked kind of like a corset.
-Youtube videos of one of my heroes.
-Blog posts that have been open in the tab-bar at the top of my browser for days.
-The park outside my house, absolutely deserted because it was so freaking hot.
-“Bridesmaids,” the new Judd Apatow film.

Once in a while, I like making an actual effort to remember the day I’ve had. It’s refreshing.


5 thoughts on “Things I Saw Today

  1. Want to supercharge your brain? Then mentally create a list from the events you just scribed — now list them in chronological order.

    Okay, that was easy, right?

    Now, mentally reverse the order. Re-list them backwards. A little tougher.

    Next, alphabetize them. Then add tomorrows to your list.

    Do this frequently and you’ll be astonished at how much information you encode in your brain, and how much more efficiently your long term memory works.

    • She’s a twenty-three year old singer who has basically built her career around an already existing fan community, but beyond that, she’s incredibly sweet, honest and thankful for having the moderate success she’s had. Also, she’s doing what she loves, even though it’s not very lucrative at the moment as far as I can tell, and I admire her for it.

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