That’s Weird… Is WordPress Listening?

So the post I wrote yesterday was titled “Following.” Today, WordPress changed their “subscribe” button at the top of the page to a “follow” button, just like on Twitter and Google Plus and similar websites.

Coincidences always make me feel weird.


2 thoughts on “That’s Weird… Is WordPress Listening?

  1. They make me feel weird too. I also can’t stand the changes WP is making. I hate the comment box with all those Twitter and Facebook log in buttons. I hate that the comment you make stays in the box and I can’t stand the way you can’t go back to where you were after you publish something. The changes that have been made are more steps than before they changed them. Why would they make things less convenient? Don’t you wish changes could be choices you could add if you want to and if you didn’t want them, like the snow at Christmas, it’s your choice.

    Sorry if that was totally off topic.

    • I agree, Joy. WP seems to be making a lot of changes lately that are kind of “dumbing” down the site, which I don’t like. I mean, what, is “subscribe” too long a word now? Ugh.

      And hey, feel free to be as off-topic as you want, I love hearing from you whether it’s in a comment or on your own blog! 🙂

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