Fountain [Flash Fiction]

The fountain had been dry and empty for years, just like the house that closed in on it on all four sides. The courtyard was entirely isolated; there was no way to reach it, unless maybe you helicoptered in.

“How do you get in there?” Amy asked the real-estate agent who was showing the place. The man looked like a wax figurine, smile hitched almost permanently in place and his hair combed and parted perfectly, looking as if it was simply sculpted that way.

“We-ell. You don’t. Actually.”

Amy waited to see if this ‘actually’ meant that there actually was a way in, but finally understood that there was no further explanation coming. “They built the house around the fountain?”


“Well, I could climb out the window and into the courtyard, couldn’t I?” she mused aloud. “I guess that’s what the pool guy will have to do, huh? Don’t pool guys take care of fountains and stuff, too?”

“We-ell. Well well. See, actually. Actually if you look you’ll see that there aren’t first floor windows leading into the courtyard. As such. And the drop from here is very very high. You see?” The waxen smile was becoming strained, as if a candle flame was being held under it and it was going to melt grotesquely at any moment. Amy drew away from it, and from the man, in slight disgust.

“But then what’s the point of having a fountain? And what if I want to get it running again? I love the watery sounds that fountains make.”

“We-ell, the previous tenants just ignored it, you see. That’s really the best option. Now, if you’ll come through here I think you’ll appreciate the east-facing balcony which is lovely and warm during the afternoons but comfortably cool in the evenings…” he rattled on, and Amy took one last regretful glance out the window at the fountain before following him.

A bird that had only recently settled in the neighborhood chirped merrily from the eaves of the house and then, thinking it saw something, dove down into the courtyard. The fountain twinkled as the clouds parted and a ray of sunlight hit its marble surface. The bird’s mate waited anxiously for it to return, but nightfall came and she waited in her nest in vain.


5 thoughts on “Fountain [Flash Fiction]

  1. Erin M says:

    OH HO HO. That was awesome. Fountain of doom, Bermuda Triangle–type thing. I love it. Love it. I completely adore disturbing/mysterious quirks in architecture. And this fountain is brilliant.

    Also I love the real-estate agent’s mannerisms. ^_^

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. How can you just – read my
    mind? Some of your stories are
    just so perfect, and all you have to do
    is mention some mysterious place. It’s
    good that you are not so preoccupied
    with people and their petty inner struggels
    to tell a real facinating tale. There was a
    fountain behind a small art museum where I
    grew up. A neglected lion’s face peered out
    from behind the ivy – no one wanted to talk
    about that one either. I investigated – and
    still feel like that lion spoke to me.

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