This Sort of Thing Always Shocks Me

So, as we all know, Facebook is a part of our lives. Well, not all our lives, but some of our lives. It’s not a big part of mine, but I do occasionally go on there. Lately, having become addicted to a certain game, I’ve been on more than usual, but that’s beside the point.

Today, lo and behold, I get a message from a person who was with my in high school. Now, let me make one thing clear: I hardly remember who I went to high school with. My friends and I were the nerdy kids and had our own nerdy outcast group going, and didn’t pay much attention to what anyone else was up to. So it took my a couple minutes to recognize the name and realize that this guy had also been in the same “gifted kids” program as me when we were in elementary school.

His message said that he had something important to talk to me about and could I please message him back. Half of me thought it was a prank. The other half of me thought he was going to be advertising some party or something like that.

It turned out that he’d remembered an instance when we were fighting about something at this program we’d been in when we were both eight or nine years old. He remembered that he’d pushed me down and that I’d fallen. He said that, remembering that, he felt awful about it and apologized, adding that he hoped that I hadn’t been severely hurt by the fall.

My jaw literally dropped. I am usually shocked when people I don’t know very well remember my name or recognize me. I am sometimes even shocked when my friends actually seem to want to hang out with me. I’m being serious – I really, honestly, am not fishing for compliments, it’s just that these are my gut reactions to things. So when somebody I hardly know at all apologizes for pushing me over when we were kids? I’m floored.

Faith in humanity? Gains ten points.


12 thoughts on “This Sort of Thing Always Shocks Me

  1. devildissh says:

    THIS IS CALLED GUILTY. he probably had that action as a “ghost” in his life, felling horrible for pushing you when a kid. – better now than NEVER!

  2. That is really cool, albeit late. I’m amazed someone would do that too… Is it something you even remembered? Humanity definitely gained points with that! Haha! So did you add him as a friend?

    • Nope – didn’t remember it in the slightest. We were already Facebook friends, because I’m friends with most of my high school grade (it wasn’t that big) but I hardly knew him.

  3. Erin M says:

    That’s pretty cool!

    I remember we all had mental, social, and behavioural problems in my gifted class. We’d joke that they put us together to protect everyone else, not to benefit us. Heh. O_o


    • Oh, definitely – we had lots of those problems too. But it makes sense, right? I mean, higher mental intelligence usually means a slower rate of development for emotional intelligence.

  4. suzicate says:

    The really good people in life feel guilty years later if they think they might have harmed someone in their past…he might truly have needed to come to peace with that to move on…I know it’s sometimes surprising to see people really do have hearts!

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