Wear and Tear

Rehearsals are going well, by my knees are all bruised from falling and crawling so often. By the time the show rolls around, this coming Saturday, my legs will be two flesh-colored roundish things connected by black-and-blue knobs in the middle. Hopefully the fishnets will cover the worst of the marks, though.
The people who played my role during the last three years were phenomenal. I’m not as good as them, and I feel inadequate. I can feel the other cast members’ eyes glancing at me derisively when I mess up. It’s times like this when I actually do mind how minuscule my ego is.
Ach, vell. The show must go on.
Forgive me for the short, nothing-full post; it’s Sunday evening and I’m tired.


7 thoughts on “Wear and Tear

  1. I know the feeling. Whenever I rehearse a show, especially towards the final quarter of rehearsal, I get a similar feeling of getting worn down. But it’s always well worth it in the end. Eyes on the prize. Great blog!

  2. Erin M says:

    Oh no! =[ Hope the bruises get better soon!

    Watched RHPS last week; thought of you, wondered how it was going.

    Also, as long as you’re having fun, who cares what the other people think? Ham it up. I know Tim Curry would be proud of you. ^_^

    Love you. Break a leg, but . . . careful of your knees! ;p

    • Now my OTHER knee is bruised, too, so at least they matched :P.

      Aw, thanks, Erin ^_^. And yes, yes, hamming it up is a thing that I’m trying to get done; it’s the confidence thing that I lack that’s proving difficult, but once I have makeup on tonight for dress rehearsal, I’ll hopefully feel more fabulous!

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