‘Tis the season, and all that. WordPress is snowing again. Night is actually cold again. As a Jew, I see the Christmas thing only as a cultural holiday, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I adore the holly wreaths, the twinkly lights, the cheery atmosphere of the lit-up trees, and the thought of little kids running up to open presents from Santa on Christmas morning. Yes, I’m a bit of a big softie when it comes to things like this.

Sure, I also have a healthy dose of cynicism, and I was getting royally ticked off at the fact that many of these decorations went up before Thanksgiving was even over. Yes, I have that bitter, jaded college student in me who thinks that all holidays are just business opportunities for Hallmark and Starbucks.

But, well, I can’t help thinking that it’s all rather adorable.

In other news, my semester ends on December 16, which is also the day that I’m flying home for my month-long winter break. I am SO excited!


2 thoughts on “Fa-la-la-la-la

  1. Erin M says:

    Eep! I’m so excited for you! Just a few more days! =D

    And, same as you: I have a fair dose of cynic in me, but I love Christmas decorations, too. So pretty! =]

    Oh yeah! In the States, Thanksgiving is so much later than it is in Canada (we have it in early October). Here, once people take their Halloween decorations down, many of them start putting their Christmas decorations up, and it’s not seen as strange. By mid- to late November, there are already a lot of strings of lights illuminated. (We do, however, get strange looks if we still have our decorations out in January, which I think is a shame, since January is so bleak and could use some wintry festive cheer!)

    Hope everything goes really well this week, and hope you have a great trip home!


  2. Whoo hoo! Enjoy your break. And I love that you pointed out that it’s snowing again on WordPress… that makes me happy. I even changed out my old tulip photo for a more wintery one because the snow seemed inappropriate falling over cheerful flowers.

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