Guest Post at Deb’s Awesome Blog

I wrote a guest post for Deb’s blog, – you guys should check out this post and then go read all of Deb’s other posts. She’s wonderful – funny, sometimes zany, often moving and serious as well. When you read her words, you feel like you already know her, and it’s flattering to know that she trusts you with her thoughts and feelings.

I’m incredibly honored that she asked me to write a guest post. It’s part of her wonderful series of guest posts titled “For This I Am Grateful.” I think you can see the gist of this project; we’re all grateful for some aspects of our lives, and whether it’s for the good things (because they’re present or lovely memories) or for the bad things (because they taught us something, or because they’re past) and Deb wants us to remember that.



2 thoughts on “Guest Post at Deb’s Awesome Blog

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Why does WordPress keep unsubscribing me from blogs? This morning, I thought, “Wow, she’s been quiet for a long time!” Except . . . you haven’t. Argh!

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