For a Generation to Come

For a generation to come, this will be a town in motion. Mothers giving birth in hospital beds will be wheeled down the hall with doctors running backwards in front of them, heads between their legs, in order to accommodate the shift. Children in playgrounds will find their slides more entertaining than ever, as the ground shakes beneath them on the way down. Teachers in schools will have to take a couple paces every time they want to write on the board, as it drifts a few inches while they explain to the class the value of X. Cafe owners will take out special insurance so that they will be covered if a patron complains about spilled coffee falling into their laps unexpectedly as the construction continues.

Turtles will not notice the change. They will stretch their legs out and pull their tails in and go to sleep in one place and wake up in another and will not be aware that their pace has changed perceptibly. Birds will be confused and the rate of ducks flying headfirst into buildings is expected to rise.

Analysts predict that war will be untenable should it break out, and have suggested that the mayor call for a state of neutrality for the coming generation, to be broken when the babies of tomorrow reach their thirtieth birthday and are old enough to hate and condemn. Opinions, analysts agree, are not valid before aspirations and delusions are shattered. They believe this is a policy more townships should adopt.

Dreams are said to be on the move already. Complaints have been phoned in from all around town of people having the nightmares of their wives, their children in the next room, their neighbors on the next block. Whether or not this problem will persist is, as yet, unknown.


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