New Look

Am thinking about buying my domain name. Have also added my name because it’s visible through plenty of my links, and since this is a professional space, more or less. So hello, everyone, my name is now above, and if you feel like googling me, you’ll find some of my published stuff!

Is there anything anyone here would want more of? Writing prompts, continuing stories, writing about writing, non-fiction?


5 thoughts on “New Look

  1. That’s strange, I was JUST thinking of buying slightlyignorant. com, .net, .org, etc!

    Now if you excuse me, I’m just going to go…make coffee?

    *Runs away*

    Heh heh. Just kidding. You deserve your own domain. 😀

  2. Exciting change! Congrats! I have owned my own domain name for a while, and it used to be a beautiful but impossible to edit Flash site, custom built by a designer. Totally outdated! This year I launched a very simple author site using a WordPress template–and it links to my blog and my small press website. It’s kind of like a portal that leads to the other bits of me, so my blog isn’t my entire professional author identity, and neither is my publishing business, but they’re both parts of that identity. You might want to think about that option–keeping Slightly Ignorant but adding the author website.

    • Thank you, Laura! I will think about that, possibly register my full name, but I don’t think I’m at that point yet, since most of my published work is visible when Googling my name.

      • Oh that’s good! Being a novelist, with no novels out, I felt the need for that kind of landing spot/portal. It’s a big step to add your name to the blog, though, and that does make a nice connection with your published work!

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