Find Me I’m Yours – REVIEW SERIES – Part V

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Can I just say how much I appreciate Carlip’s love of puns? And, as a result, her characters’ appreciation of puns? Sole Mate Shoe Repair leads to Mags saying “…it was time to get this shoe on the road.” And I melted with cheesy hilarity.

Also, Coco is trying to hook Mags up with someone, and I have my suspicions that he’s actually into Coco, which would make this awkward. This IS NOT A SPOILER because it’s all conjecture, and just like me, you’ll have to keep reading the book or these reviews to find out. Though FYI, Mags seems to agree with my guestimate.

When Mags and Coco continue on the search for Mr. Right – erm, excuse me, Mr. WTF, we get another dose of lovely punnage. Delhicattesen, a Jewish-Indian food truck. The dishes are hilarious. If only this existed for real (or wait, maybe it does? Or is that Carlip’s backup plan if this novel doesn’t work out? Because she’d make like a million dollars off of this if she made it into a reality!) But I mean seriously, just look at this, how perfect (and hilarious) is it?













So once Mags finds this cool food truck and her next clue and once she then gets her NEXT clue (and I don’t want to list them all because I want you to have fun reading this thing yourselves), she also gets a phone number to call.

Well, of course, I called it. A woman with an incredibly smoky voice coughed into my ear and raspily said something about knowing I was going to call. Her coughs were so loud that my friend sitting next to me heard it and started laughing along with me. The best part, for me anyway, is that she sounded exactly like my old landlady who had no front teeth, a cigarette in her hands at all times, and was adorable.

The next website I’m brought to might actually be unconnected from the game, which confused me – there is no banner at the bottom alerting me that it’s part of this book’s experience, and yet there’s a login, which most of the sites HAVE had. Suspicious. And so many links leading to completely disconnected websites! Am I losing the thread like poor Mags?

Wait, NO! The Favicon on the website is totally the X that marks all of them. Phew!

Next website is another totally cool artsy one that I hope takes off in real life and outside of the bookverse: There’s awesome Harry Potter and Sherlock fanart, there’s MAGS’ NAILS on the first page, and I totally signed up for email updates of future contests, because who knows, what if I become inspired? And oh wait, this is awesome, this site totally features the author herself! How cool is that? I don’t know if it existed before the book or was created for it but either way, it’s so awesome that Mags and Hillary Carlip now exist in the same universe. SO META

Worship The Brand

















So I was very so-so about my attraction to Mr. WTF before the second video happened and he did this wiggly eyebrow thing and was goofy. And you know, there’s something about a traditionally good looking guy being really silly with his face that just makes him look better.

Okay, but so the silliest website so far and probably my favorite is the IHeartBobBarker one. Because seriously. Can you imagine either how incredibly fun or how mind numbingly annoying it must be to set up a website utterly devoted to the Price is Right dude’s fan art, finding his face tattooed on people and stuff? I think it would be fun, but then I can’t imagine working on this book and not having a blast.



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