Find Me I’m Yours – REVIEW SERIES – Part VIII

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Some real heavy, beautiful stuff has been happening with Mags. Which I don’t want to ruin for the reader but which made me want to hug her some more.

And, what do you know, remember that call to that smoker’s-voice lady, Sylvia? Well, she’s a STRIPTEASE PSYCHIC. Yup. Extension 69 (HA) and she tells you about her service but that alas she’s not taking on new clients at the moment.

Mags’ next clue leads to a tattoo shop, with an actual address. I looked it up and street view, and I found something that felt like it came right out of the book. Some very cool street art:

Cool street art at address for tat shop

I’m feeling like I’m blending with Mags, starting to see clues in her world whether they’re there or not. Mindfulness, paying attention to our surroundings, thinking outside of ourselves – that’s what this is all about, right?


Next Mr. WTF video is a HUGE SPOILER so I’m not going to tell you anything about it except that a theory I had for a while, and one that I was REALLY HOPING FOR proved to be true, which makes me over the moon for reasons that you’ll understand once I reach the last review that will include a huge spoiler alert at the beginning and will be not so much live-bloggy like these have been and a lot more BIG IDEA-y.

…and that’s it. I’m done. I finished reading. I am happy and a little tearful.

Next up is the WRAP PARTY version of the review, in which I will tell you why this book is important and why I have been putting so much effort into writing about it and why I am a huge fan even though I am not usually a lover of New Adult or Romance or whatever genre this book would fit into if it so obviously didn’t.



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