A Love Letter to Chicago

Dearest Chicago,

In the short time I’ve spent with you, you’ve managed to charm me. Quite apart from you keeping my brother safe and sound for four years, you have alluring qualities that are all your own. I really felt comfortable within your limits and amongst your streets, and even though you’re one of the most crime-ridden cities in the United States, your beauty and loveliness still shine on as always.

You started out as a small town and you were officially made a city when you had three thousand residents. A city with a population of three-thousand when you began! Such a number is hardly considered worthy of a town in our day and age. Still, you knew somehow that you would be grand someday, and the same went for the people who lived in your embrace. Each building was built for beauty, practicality and grandeur – all three qualities together, without ever neglecting a one. Your streets were built in such a way that you would be easy to understand and navigate so that everyone would feel welcome to rest their boots upon your sidewalks and streets.

Over the years, you grew outward and became larger and larger, but you never gave up your simple beauties – your lake-front is as bare as it ever was and your river had pathways all along its sides. Buildings were built taller and taller, and yet you still feel spacious and airy, not intimidating or claustrophobic.

Chicago, you are a city of modern beauty.

Gods, Dogs and Young Goats

I was speaking today to a thirty year old at work. She’s a mother of two, and religious. I was very impressed though – apart from the fact that she believes in a made up man in the clouds, she actually seemed to have some good views about life and parenting. She was telling us how some of her friends just stop living basically once they have kids, but she and her husband make sure to go out together for a meal or movie or just an outing together once a week. Odd hearing such a sober thought from a delusional woman.

I bet god really is a big dog sitting on a chair somewhere, pissed off at the misspell.

Speaking of dogs, I randomly found the funiest thing: http://www.dogisagod.it/ It’s designer dog houses. Actual arcitectural design was put into this. My favorite is the transparent doghouse. Sheesh, pets are awesome, but this shit is scary.