Here are some things I’ve been thinking about today:

-A series of short stories that are tied to each other by a common event that all the main characters witnessed.

-All the reasons I love the internet [1) It organizes my life, 2) There are cool people on it, 3) It helps me write more frequently, 4) It forces me, whether I want to or not, to learn a whole bunch of stuff… this list could probably go on.]

-How sad I feel that the stray cat in the parking lot that my mom and I call Funny Face is old and is probably going to die soon. We’ve known him since we moved into this apartment, fifteen years ago.

-The reasons driving in Israel sucks.

-The mean, useless, uncaring, unfriendly, and entirely aggravating service that I’ve received at The Gap this week.

-My friends and how glad I am to hang out with them.

-Books. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the books I still want to read this summer and how the time is slipping away.

-The fact that I’m leaving home again in one month and one week.

-My theory that Wednesdays suck, uniformly, because they are smack in the middle of the week and so there is no weekend right behind you to look back on and no weekend right before you to look forward to. Wednesdays are the worst. Mondays are fine. It’s those bloody, bloody Wednesdays that get me.

-How I’m looking forward to catching up on blogs this weekend. Yes – that means YOU. I’m looking forward to reading YOUR BLOG this weekend!


Lifting Books

Just got back from lifting books for three hours and fifteen minutes. I am tired. So very tired. And my browser has a long row of tabs open to blogs I want to read but won’t get around to tonight. I’m going to sleep for a few hours, wake up, and go right back to work. Tomorrow is going to be such a long day.

Sometimes I use this blog to bitch and moan. I’m coming to terms with that right about now.